1993-07-21 - Colin Dale @ Kiss 100 FM

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dur MB kbps
0:31:09 35.67 160


  1. Sven Van Hees - Mars-X-Press
  2. Ron Trent - Altered States
  3. Clicé Trax - Machine #3180
  4. R.E.C. - Hot Pursuit
  5. Robert Armani - Circus Bells (Hardfloor Remix)
  6. Jens - Boo-Ya
  7. D/A/C - You Can't Stop (Till U Reach The Top)

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2018-03-12 (06:54) (CET)
Love this. Totally takes me back. I have a longer recording on tape. I recorded it from Kiss back in the day.

The Cliche track is the “Aardvarck Without A Cause Mikzzz”

The Jens track is “Hook” not “Boo-ya”. But it’s on the same EP

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