1992-05-08 - Ratty @ Dance Planet, One Step Beyond

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Spread as Ratty @ Dance Planet Detonator, 1992 which is incorrect; the first Detonator event was in 1993.


  1. ?
  2. DJ Phantasy "Jungle (Remix)" (Liquid Wax)
  3. Interface (Mike Ash) - Return of Toytown EP (Rising High)
  4. Structural Damage "Really Livin'" (Symphony Sounds)
  5. Elevation "Can You Feel It" (Nova Mute)
  6. Flex & Uncle "Oddball EP" (Oddball)
  7. One to One "I want you (Manix Remix)" (Reinforced)
  8. Phuture Assasins "Phuture Sound (2 Bad Mice Rmx)" (Suburban Base)
  9. DJ Splix "Nasty Rhythm" (Elicit)
  10. The Emphasis "Solstice" (Little Giant)
  11. Rufige Kru "Krisp Biscuit" (Reinforced)
  12. RudeBoy "Junglest" (Biology Productions BIO 001)
  13. Blame "Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Rmx)" (Moving Shadow)
  14. The Brothers Grim "Exodus" (Production House)
  15. Phantasy & Gemini - "Switch to 33" (Liquid Wax)
  16. Funky Junky "Club Candy" (Funky Junky)
  17. Nookie "Pedro Pulls An Essex Sort" (Absolute 2)
  18. DJ Tone - "Insanity" (KMS)
  19. Barrington Levi "Under Me Sensi" (Tribal Bass)
  20. Boomtown Productions "Mindforce" (786 Approved)
  21. Turk "The Lover" (White Label)
  22. Chops EMC & Extensive "Me Israelites" (Faze2)
  23. Naz aka Naz "Started again" (786 Approved)
  24. Sound Corp "Security Overload" (Tone Def)

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