1992-02-22 - Joost van Bellen @ For Those Who Like To Groove

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0:25:07 36 ~203


This mix may not include all stated artists (or in different order) or other artists, while it's not clear which exactly.


  1. C'hantal - The Realm (Acappella)
  2. I Fly - Le Temps De Le Faire (Maria En Blanc) [Rave Age - 001]
  3. Techno Fixx - Caution (Industrial Tech Mix)
  4. Down Town - Space Love (Spanish Fly Mix)
  5. EQ Lazer - Subsonic
  6. Atelier - Got To Live Together (Twilight Mix)
  7. ID
  8. ID
  9. DJ Le Roy ft. Bocachica - Yo Te Quiero (Salsa Version)
  10. Sensory Elements - Something 4 U
  11. Just Us - You Got It (Club Vocal)
  12. Outlander - Discotech
  13. Trinidad - Philly The Blunt

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08:55, 5 August 2010 (CEST)
actually nobody knows who the DJ was that night, although some say Joost Van Bellen played once and since all other mixes have the right DJ identified for sure, we assume it was DJ Van Bellen. It was NOT the evening where Eddy De Clerq was in the studio!