1991 - Daz Willott @ Amnesia House, Shelley's

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dur MB kbps


Side A
F Zapalla & DJ Professor - We Gotta Do It [Media / 4th & Broadway]

2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This [Byte]

Praga Khan - Rave Alarm [Profile]

6 Bells All - Me The Mailman [Rhythm]

Apollo 440 - Destiny [Stealth]

Trigger - Wisdom (Razor mix) [Target]

DJ PC - Insomniak [Hype]

Carl Cox - Let's Do It [On Top]

Prodigy - Charly (Alley Cat mix) [XL]

1st Project - Right Before My Eyes [Fokus]

Double Sense & Frank de Wulf - You Make Me Feel [Energy]

Cubic 22 - Night In Motion [XL]

PWM - Are You Ready To Move [Pirate]

Anticappella - Square Root of 231 [PWL]

True Faith - Take Me Away [Best Beat]

X-E's - Pt. 1 [Freaky]

Doctor of Dance - Theme [Brutal]

Badman presents NDX - Higher Than Heaven (Roar mix) [City Beat]

Creative Thieves - Temperature Rising [Stress]

Side B

Soundclash - The Burial [Strictly Underground]

House Crew - Keep The Fire Burning [Production House]

Olympia - Art-FX [Dance Opera]



Ravesignal - Mindwar [R&S]

Digital Orgasm - Moog Eruption [Dead Dead Good]

X - Witness of Hallucination [label??]

M.N.O. - God of Abraham [A&M]

? - "Hardcore sound"

K-Klass - Rhythm Is A Mystery (Remix) [Deconstruction]

Awesome 3 - Freedom of Life [A&M]

Shades of Rhythm - The Sound of Eden [ZTT]

SLD - Gettin' Out [Mighty Quinn]

Techno Age - Movin' On [White Swan]

Brothers In Rhythm - Peace & Harmony (Italo's Grand Finale) [Island]

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