198X - The Latin Rascals - KISS Mastermix Dance Party

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dur MB kbps
1:19:15 108.84 192


Includes: Somebody Else's Guy, Rock Box, Check This Out (?), Human Beat Box, Fat Boys, Beats-n-Cuts, State Of Love, Close To The Edit, Jam On It, Wild Style, Play That Beat, Crash Goes Love, Give Me Tonight, Release Yourself, Breakers Revenge, I Need Your Love, Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight, Set It Off, Night Time, Makossa (w/ drop-ins), All Night Passion, Perfect Beat (w/ drop-ins), Al Naayfish, I Want It To Be Real


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Freddy Fresh
10:32, 7 July 2011 (CEST)
Beats N Cuts is Kid Nice I Want You To Like It on GT Records

2018-03-04 (09:47) (CET)
excellent mix