1989-07 - Mike Pickering & Graeme Park @ Hacienda

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Pt. dur MB kbps
1 0:44:54
2 0:44:31


Part 1
01. Redhead Kingpin & The FBI 'Do the Right Thing'

02. De La Soul 'Say No Go'

03. Digital Underground 'Doowutchalike' (Playhowyalike Mix)

04. Kariya 'Let Me Love You For Tonight'

05. Dionne 'Move Groove'

06. Dionne 'Come Get My Lovin

07. Toni Scott 'That's How I'm Living'

08. ??? - "on & on it keeps flowing" not Roxanne Shante 'Live on Stage' (Marley Marl Remix)

09. Doug E. Fresh 'Summertime' (Inst. Mix?)

10. Young MC 'Know How' (Instrumental)

11. Queen Latifah 'Dance For Me'

12. MC Joe 'In The House'

13. Big Daddy Kane 'Wrath of Kane'

14. Big Daddy Kane 'Warm It Up, Kane'

15. NWA 'Express Yourself'

16. Cash Money & Marvelous 'A Real Mutha For Ya'

Part 2
16. Cash Money & Marvelous 'A Real Mutha For Ya'

17. Carly Simon 'Why'

18. Orange Lemon Dreams of Santa Anna'

19. Kid 'N' Play '2 Hype' (House Inst.)

20. Kechia Jenkins 'I Need Somebody'

21. Sound Factory 'Cuban Gigolo'

22. Da Posse 'It's My Life' (Aluh Mix)

23. Doug Lazy 'Let It Roll'

24. Roberta Flack 'Uh Uh Oooh Oooh Look Out, Here it Comes' (Steve 'Silk' Hurley Mix)

25. The Mixmaster 'Grand Piano'

26. Sandee 'Notice Me'

27. Raven Maize 'Forever Together' (What Mix?)

28. Black Box 'Ride on Time'

29. 2 in a Room 'Somebody in the House Say Yeah!'

30. Forgemasters 'Track With No Name'

31. Jolly Roger 'Ulysses' (Theme From Coldcut?)

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