2013-07-16 - DJ Spen - Fall Down On Me Mix

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  1. DJ Spen Pres. Rachel McDonald - Fall Down On Me
  2. Karizma - Nuffin' Else
  3. Dawn Tallman - Believe In Love (Director's Cut Remix)
  4. Paso Doble Feat. Miranda Nicole - Get Me Over (Mr. V Remix)
  5. Shaun Escoffrey - Days Like This [Deepah Dud Re Rub]
  6. Rhemi - Hairy Mary
  7. Nicolas Bassi - The Sweetest Sin (DJ Spen & Gary Hudins Remix)
  8. Pat Bedeau - The Door Of No Return
  9. Brian Lucas - Slave To The Vibe (M&S Remix)
  10. Lynn Lockamy - Warning

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22:10, 16 July 2013 (CEST)
01. DJ Spen Presents Rachel McDonald 'Fall Down On Me'

02. Karizma 'Nuffin' Else'

03. Dawn Tallman 'Believe In Love' (Director's Cut Remix)

04. Paso Doble ft. Miranda Nicole 'Get Me Over' (Mr. V Remix)

05. Shaun Escoffrey 'Days Like This' (Deepah Dud Re Rub)

06. Rhemi 'Hairy Mary'

07. Nicolas Bassi 'The Sweetest Sin' (DJ Spen & Gary Hudins Remix)

08. Pat Bedeau 'The Door Of No Return'

09. Brian Lucas 'Slave To The Vibe' (M&S Remix)

10. Lynn Lockamy 'Warning'