2013-06-20 - Ad Brown, Royal Sapien - Silk Royal Showcase 194

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


Ad Brown
  1. Vanilla Ace - Bring It Back [Off 045]
  2. Rishi K - Black Sheep (Original Mi) [Incepto Deep]
  3. James Woods - Bliss (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) [Nueva Digital]
  4. Embliss And Ad Brown - Oreon (Shingo Nakamura Remix) [Particles]
  5. Dave Lebon - Lieutanant [Colourize]
  6. Moodfreak - Last Days Of Blue (eleven.five Remix) [Arrival]
  7. Justin Oh Feat. Remus - Where The Lights Fall (Marsh Remix) [Arrival]
  8. Soulforge - Dreamfast (Matt Fax Remix) [Neuroscience Deep]
  9. Proff - Starstruck (Aleksey Yakovlev Remix) [Silk Royal]
  10. Deep Voices Feat. Alexander K.G. Klaus - Sound Of Love [Lange]
Royal Sapien
  1. Royal Sapien - Clouded (Stefan Anion's Forty Two Remix) [Olaris]
  2. Royal Sapien - Turning Tricks (Boshell And Cody Slave To U Remix) [Olaris]
  3. Royal Sapien - Do It Now (Opencloud's I Don't Know Remix) [Olaris]
  4. Royal Sapien - Bikini (Boshell And Cody Remix) [Proton]
  5. Royal Sapien - Bikini (Moonbeam Remix) [Proton]
  6. Royal Sapien - San Francisco Love (Chris Fortier 40oz Remix) [Olaris]
  7. Royal Sapien - And Here Is Where We See The Benefits Of The Optional Sports Package (Biologik Remix) [Olaris]
  8. Royal Sapien - The Kills (Indicant Remix) [Olaris]
  9. Royal Sapien - Everyone (Opencloud's Dual City Remix) [Olaris]

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