2013-06-01 - Gilles Peterson, Bonobo (Maida Vale) - Gilles Peterson Worldwide

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This week Gilles plays out an exclusive session from Bonobo recorded at Maida Vale on Tuesday, with tracks featuring New York singer/songwriter Grey Reverend and London's finest, Szjerdene. If two tracks aren't enough, there's an exclusive session track and a gallery of photos from the session on the website! Gilles and the man behind the project, Simon Green, discuss the new album, touring, influences from the UK dance scene, and the now infamous London gig earlier this month which got unceremoniously interrupted!

Plus, Gilles switches the time signatures by going to the Secret Waltz Club, and drops new tunes from Disclosure, Lone, and Walton, alongside classics from The Last Poets, Herbie Hancock and Bill Withers.


  1. Lone - Airglow Fires [R&S]
  2. Diego Barber - Poncho [Origin]
  3. Go Yamma - Do The Astral Plane [Self Release]
  4. Bill Withers - Holler Harlem (Special Edit)
  5. Jacques Brel - L'emmerdeur (Juice & The Wild Edit)
  6. Cecilia - Lost Little Thing [CBS]
  7. Portishead - Undenied [Go! Beat]
  8. YoggyOne - Paper Airplane To Bestown [Eklektik]
  9. Rhye - The Fall (Little Dragon On Rhye)
  10. Dexter Story Feat. Jimetta Rose - Underway [Kindred Spritis]
  11. The Decoders - Black Gold Of The Sun [Wax Poetics]
  12. Earth, Wind & Fire - Africano [Columbia]
  13. Uproot Andy - El Botellon [Bersa Discos]
  14. Banda Westfalica - Carimbo
  15. The Binary Cumbia Orchestra - Gigante (Self Release) [Bandcamp]
  16. Faze-O - Riding High (J Boogie Edit)
  17. Giorgio Moroder - Tears (Mixter Pan Cumbia Mix) [Secret Waltz Club]
  18. Gisli - I Keep Hearing (Jazzbax Remix)
  19. Darkstar - Young Hearts [Warp]
  20. The Latin Jazz Quintet - Rip A Dip [Prestige]
  21. Talk In Colour - Candles (Crewdson Remix)
  22. William Adamson - Foggy Dew (Crewdson Remix)
  23. Bonobo - Cirrrus [Ninja Tune]
  24. Grey Reverend - Fate
Bonobo Maida Vale Session
  1. Bonobo Feat. Grey Reverend - First Fires
  1. Heidi Vogel - Black Narcissus (Cinematic Orchestra Remix) (Far Out
Bonobo Maida Vale Session
  1. Bonobo Feat. Szjedene - Towers
  2. Szjerdene - If 6 Was 8 [Plug Research]
  3. Mulgrew Miller - Saud's Run [Landmark]
  4. Charles Murphy - The Foot That's Holdin' Me Down [Nobc]
  5. The Last Poets - Bird's Word [Blue Thumb]
  6. Herbie Hancock - Berangere's Nightmare [Columbia]
  7. Sun Ra - Travel The Spaceways [Saturn]
  8. Kool And Kass - Peaceful Solution [Bandcamp]
  9. The Gene Dudley Group - The New Lots Of Cooperstown [Wah Wah 45s]
  10. The Modulations - Rough Out Here [Som Livre]
  11. Disclosure - When The Fire Starts To Burn [Pmr]
  12. Walton - Baby [Hyperdub]
  13. Stray - La Zoom [Exit]
  14. Luiz Carlos Vinhas - Tanganica [Far Out]
  15. Free The Robots - Take It Slow [Origin]

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