2012-03-07 - Ben Sims - Funk You! 007

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~1 hour long.
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  1. Benjamin Damage And Doc Daneeka - Deaf Siren [50 Weapons]
  2. Marcel Dettmann - Duel [50 Weapons]
  3. Roman Lindau - Hunt [Fachwerk]
  4. Nina Kraviz - Show Me Your Time [Rekkids]
  5. Truncate - Transients V2 [Truncate]
  6. Ben Sims - Straight From Bolivia [Theory]
  7. JB3 - ForkliFeat [Novamute]
  8. Ben Sims - Untitled [Unreleased]
  9. Skudge - Convolution (Marcel Fengler Remix) (Sims JFF Edit)
  10. TSOS-Over & Over [Sound Sampler]
  11. Ben Sims - New Blood (Robert Hood Remix) [Theory]
  12. Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search - Klappert (Sims JFF Edit)
  13. Mike Dehnert - Pneumatic [Ann Aimee]
  14. Ian Pooley - Twin Gods (Sims JFF Edit)
  15. The Nighttripper - Phuture (Robert Hood Remix) [Underground Liberation]
  16. Marcel Dettmann - Deluge [50 Weapons]
  17. Lighter Thief - Like Dat (Ben Sims Remix 2) [Beard Man]
  18. Mr. Fingers - Amnesia (Sims JFF Edit)
  19. Tommy Four Seven - Track 5 (Robert Hood Remix) [CLR]
  20. Radionasty - Radio 4 (Ben Sims Acid Remix)
  21. Ben Sims - Move In Time [Drumcode]
  22. DVS1 - Break Away [Klockworks]
  23. Heiko Laux & Steve Rachmad - The Viking (Sims JFF Edit)
  24. Barrow Boy - Bass Box [Retro-Vert]

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18:08, 31 March 2012 (CEST)
1.Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka-Deaf Siren.50 Weapons

2.Marcel Dettmann-Duel.50 Weapons

3.Roman Lindau-Hunt.Fachwerk

4.Nina Kraviz-Show Me Your Time.Rekkids

5.Truncate-Transients V2.Truncate

6.Ben Sims-Straight From Bolivia.Theory


8.Ben Sims-Untitled.Unreleased

9.Skudge-Convolution/Marcel Fengler Remix.Sims JFF Edit

10.TSOS-Over & Over.Sound Sampler

11.Ben Sims-New Blood/Robert Hood Remix.Theory

12.Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search-Klappert.Sims JFF Edit

13.Mike Dehnert-Pneumatic.Ann Aimee

14.Ian Pooley-Twin Gods.Sims JFF Edit

15.The Nighttripper-Phuture/Robert Hood.Underground Liberation

16.Marcel Dettmann-Deluge.50 Weapons

17.Lighter Thief-Like Dat/Ben Sims Remix 2.Beard Man

18.Mr Fingers-Amnesia/Sims JFF Edit

19.Tommy Four Seven-Track 5/Robert Hood Remix.CLR

20.Radionasty-Radio 4/Ben Sims Acid Remix.Forthcoming

21.Ben Sims-Move In Time.Forthcoming on Drumcode

22.DVS1-Break Away.Klockworks

23.Heiko Laux & Steve Rachmad-The Viking/Sims JFF Edit

24.Barrow Boy-Bass Box.Forthcoming on Retro-Vert

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