2012-02-08 - Richie Hawtin - TENdance Radioshow

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2012-02-08 - Richie Hawtin - TENdance Radioshow  is a repeat of or (partly) the same as
2008-04-28 - Richie Hawtin - Resident Advisor (RA.100).  The content of that mix page is listed below.

2008-04-28 - Richie Hawtin - Resident Advisor (RA.100)


File details

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1:00:53 69 160



RA.100 is made up of the following artists and tracks, as well as other assorted bits and pieces.
"The basic structure of the mix is a combination of multiple pieces from the songs listed below, sometimes one after another, but usually built up from multiple simultaneous loops and samples weaving in and out throughout the mix, sometimes continuing as atmospheric textures in the background."


[00] Heron - Retro


In no order:

Cassino & Labén

Oliver Dodd - Elevators And Escalators [Addon]

Dub Kult - Crypt [Curle]

Danilo Vigorito - Alnitak (Dark Side) [Inside Orion Minimal Muzik]

Click Box - Peek A Boo [Items & Things]

John Conrad - Maxime Dangles

Aleph-1 - C A G 08.4s [IDEAL]

Alex Under - Gris [CMYK]

Johnny D - Tramodyssee [Oslo]

J.Alter - Track 1

Gaiser - Ground 1.1

Acid Circus - Uncle Jak [Droid]

Obtane - Tribute To Mandragora (Damon Wild Remix) [Synewave]

Heron - Afterhour [Minisome]

Hugo - Born To Bop [Claque Musique]

Gel Abril - 200 Grams [Be As One]

Moritz Von Oswald - Watamu Beach Rework [Desolat]

Seuil - Dance [Minibar]

Skoozbot - Two Over The Eight [Mindshake]

Dan Berkson & James What - Reflections Feat. Robert Owens [Poker Flat]

Rasmus Hedlund - Betoni [Resopal Schallware]

Alva Noto - Haliod Xerrox Copy 1 [Raster-Noton]

Nick Curly - On My Way (Ali Nasser Remix) [Supernature]

Heron - The Way Home [Minisome]

J.Alter - Track 2

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