2011-07-04 - Mark Farina - Old Vinyl, New Days (GLA Podcast 20)

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2011-07-04 - Mark Farina - Old Vinyl, New Days (GLA Podcast 20).jpg

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dur MB kbps
1:19:19 111.7 ~192 m4a



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  1. Dub Taylor - I Can't (Fall In Love With Another One) [Forcetracks]
  2. Stuffit Filter - Soho Drive [Mad Henton]
  3. LoSoul - Discover [Playhouse]
  4. Salt City Orchestra - This Pagan Thing [Pagan (Darn A Skip!)]
  5. Gemini - Eyes [Fair Park (Skip During Blend)]
  6. Doc L. Junior - How Ya Doin' (Freaks Doing Dubs Mix) [Music For Freaks]
  7. Underworld - Two Months (John Cafione Mix) [Junior Boys Own]
  8. Paul Johnson - Hour Glass Figure [Peachefrog]
  9. Junior Bell Feat. Colonel Abrams - Never Be Another One [D-Vision]
  10. Solid Groove - I Said [Slip-N-Slide]
  11. Roy Davis Junior - Michael [Nuphonic (Better Import Pressing)]
  12. Krikor - Instant Incense (Love) [Breakin' Bread]
  13. No Smoke - Koro Koro (Black Before Creation) [Warriors Dance]
  14. Mermad - Luv Is (Michi's Galaxy Express Mix) [Club U Nite]
  15. House Of Government - Sunny (Jazzy Mix) [Equal]
  16. Bassmental (6:23 Again) - Keep It Deep [Nitegrooves]

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