2010-02-08 - Lerosa - Todd Terry 1988-1990 Mixxx

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  1. Hard House - Check This Out [Champion]
  2. Royal House - Dirty Beats (Extended Mix) [Idlers]
  3. Funtopia - Let Us Rise (A Different Macid Mix) [Idlers]
  4. Black Riot - Warlock (Club Mix) [Fourth Floor]
  5. Limelime - I Wanna Go Bang (Old Time Dub) [Loud House]
  6. Black Riot - A Day In The Life (Bonus Dub) [Fourth Floor]
  7. Sax - Don't Turn Your Back On Me (Funny Bone Mix) [Loud House]
  8. Swan Lake - Don't Stop [Loud House]
  9. Swan Lake - The Dream (54 Dub Mix) [Bad Boy]
  10. The Todd Terry Project - It's Just In House [Fresh]
  11. The Todd Terry Project - Bango (Club Bang) [Fresh]
  12. The Todd Terry Project - Just Wanna Dance (Club Version) [Fresh]
  13. Royal House - Get Funky (Dub) [Idlers]
  14. The Todd Terry Project - Weekend (UK Remix) [Fresh]
  15. Limelife - Cause You're Right On Time (Old School Mix) [Loud House]
  16. Royal House - Yeah Buddy (Extended Mix) [Idlers]
  17. The Todd Terry Project - Back To The Beat (Club Mix) [Fresh]
  18. Royal House - Can You Party (Club Mix) [Idlers]
  19. Black Riot - A Day On The Life (A Day In London Mix) [Champion]

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