2003-10-30 - Gilles Peterson, VA - Gilles Peterson Worldwide

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
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Gilles Peterson
  1. Eddie Gale - Song Of Will [Jazzanova Remix] [White]
  2. Inverse Cinematics - Shot The Pianist [Part 2] [Fluid Ounce]
  3. Just One - Love 2 Love [Neroli]
Quantic Soul Orchestra Live For Worldwide
  1. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Intro [Live For Worldwide]
  2. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Raw Ingredients'(Live For Worldwide]
  3. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Pushin' On [Live For Worldwide]
  4. Quantic Soul Orchestra -'End of The Road'(Live For Worldwide]
  5. Quantic Soul Orchestra -'Hold It Down [Live For Worldwide
Russ Dewbury DJ Set
  1. Karl Denson -'Bougainvillea [Ubiquity]
  2. Mitchell and Dewbury - Rapping With The Gods [Mumo]
  3. Ivo Mereilles - Bailie Funk [Mr Bongo]
  4. Julio Gutierrez -'Funk City [Vico]
  5. The Pipe - Wade In The Water [RCA]
  6. Wilma Reading -'Beginnings [Niteroi Music]
  7. Viva Brasil -'Skindo Le Le [7 Bridges]
  8. Mitchell And Dewbury -'Beyond The Rains [Mumo]
Gilles Peterson
  1. Madlib - Slim's Return [Blue Note]
  2. Diverse - Ain't Right [Chocolate Industries]
  3. Broke - N' English - Weekend Love [Estate]
Ty - Live For Worldwide
  1. Ty - Look For Me [Live For Worldwide]
  2. Ty -'Wait A Minute [Live For Worldwide]
  3. Ty -'Groovement [Live For Worldwide]
  4. Ty -'We Don't Care [Live For Worldwide) [Woodland]
Gilles Peterson
  1. Carl Craig Presents Detroit Experiment - Think Twice [Rope A Dope]

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