2001 - Bogdan Taran - Summer In Dance 2001 (Promo Mix)

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1. Donna Washington “We’re Going Up” (Gospel Flavoured Mix)

2. Pound Boys “K Pasa” (Main Mix)

3. Negrocan “Aquela Esquina” (Grant Nelson’s Dub)

4. Frankie Knuckles featuring Nikki Richards “Keep On Movin'” (Promo Mix)

5. DJ Chus & David Penn featuring Caterina “Baila” (Mediterranean Vocal Mix)

6. Knee Deep “I’ll Be There For You” (Club Mix)

7. Johnny Fiasco “After Midnight”

8. Marva King “Want Me” (Richard F Mix)

9. Deep Swing “In The Music” (Club Mix)

10. Chaka Khan “Any Love” (Bootleg Remix)

11. Si Se “Cuando” (King Britt’s Summer Mix)

12. Africanism “Trompeta Alegre”

13. Boris Dlugosh featuring Roisin Murphy “Never Enough” (Chocolate Puma Club Mix)

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