2001-09-30 - Nick Warren - Essential Mix

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


  1. Plank 15 - Strings Of Life (Soul Mekanik Mix) [Multiply]
  2. Way Out West - Mindcircus (Phunk Investigation Mix) [Distinctive Breaks]
  3. Harrison Crump - Feelings [Subliminal]
  4. Rithma - Caves, Tunnels (Johnny Fiasco Remix) [Terraform]
  5. Tom Cole - Devotion (J. Cantrell Remix) [Pied Piper]
  6. Deep Space Organisms - Vapourised [Deep Space]
  7. DJ Chus - Free My Soul (Acapella) [Up]
  8. Deep Space Organisms - Bass Oxygen [Deep Space]
  9. Ortz - We Don't Talk (Brother Brown Remix) [Iceberg]
  10. Ortus - Force Four [Airgap]
  11. Mavi - Sufi [Made]
  12. Deepfunk And Austin Leeds - Subritual [Zero Tolerance]
  13. FSOL - Papua New Guinea (Satoshi Tomiie Main-Path Remix) [Jumpin' And Pumpin]
  14. FSOL - Papua New Guinea [Papsico]
  15. Creamer And K. - I Love You (Hybrid Remix)
  16. Traffic - A Number 1 (Way Out West Remix)
  17. BPT - Moody (Futureshock Mix) [Junior]
  18. James Holden - Solstice [Silver Planet]
  19. Urban Dwellers - Loverman (Satoshi Tomiie Ambient Mix) [Pitch Black]
  20. Di Indicator - Lovesongs [Ungliesh]
  21. Arab Strap - Turbulence (Bis Remix) [Chemical Underground]
  22. William Orbit - Water From A Vine Leaf (Xylem Flow Remix) [Guerilla]

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Wesley Hayden
2014-11-22 (00:03) (CET)
Still tracks on this mix that I play occassionally on vinyl, looking back as a listener you have to appreciate this wasn't long after 9/11 and any house music fan will appreciate how dark a turn the music took after that tragic date, this mix though starts off quite funky and housey but for me doesn't really come into its own until the first Deep Space Organism track enters the mix, the following 15-20 minutes are the most thought provoking of the 2hours and for me personally such an atmosphere is hard to hold for any longer.