1999-05-29 - Jesse Saunders @ Joue Joue, Erfurt

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File details

Version 1
dur MB kbps
1:33:39 150 224
Version 2
dur MB kbps
1:31:07 145 224


There are two versions of this file spread as "Part 1" and "Part 2". Both are the same until 46:35 in Version 1 and 45:50 in Version 2. Afterwards the versions are different. Different B sides seem to be combined with the same A side. The second part of Version 1 seems to be the correct B side on the basis of the style.


Side A


Side B


[61:12] Effect: "This is DJ Jesse Saunders"


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2014-11-20 (21:53) (CET)
Does anybody have it? I had it on original tape but it got lost.