1998-02 - Andrew Weatherall - Bloodsugar 2

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Version 1
Pt. dur MB kbps
1 0:46:04 73.28
2 0:45:58 76.65
1:32:02 147.47 224
Version 2
dur MB kbps
1:31:50 105.11 160


There isn't much info about the Bloodsugar mix series. In the early 1990's Weatherall promoted the club night "Bloodsugar". It is not known in which club(s). "Blood Sugar" is also the name of a producer team (Andrew Weatherall, David Harrow). See also sound.modelfruit.com/tracklists/weatherall….


Side A
  1. [00:00] Rhythm & Sound Feat. Tikiman - Ruff Way [Burial Mix]
  2. [05:32] Rhythm & Sound - Music A Fe Rule (Part 2) [Rhythm & Sound]
  3. [14:48] Deanne Day - 10" [White Label]
  4. [22:04] Peikko & Lassi - Pula Dub (Version) [Puu]
  5. [24:56] Maurizio - A From M7 [M]
  6. [28:25] Soylent Green - A1 From Soylent Green EP [Playhouse]
  7. [33:07] Steve O' Sullivan - A2 From Midnight Creeper [Bluetrain]
  8. [37:42] Terry Francis - Hannah's Dub [Pagan]
  9. [44:10] Projam - Into The Groove [Crucial Sounds]
Side B
  1. [00:00] Projam - Into The Groove [Crucial Sounds]
  2. [02:40] Theorem - Clone [Plus 8]
  3. [07:38] Klarky Cat - Gumbo (Blooty Mix) [Toko]
  4. [11:10] Rubato - Feels Like (Dub Mix) [Toko]
  5. [15.45] Glissando Bros. - Man On The Moon [Stir15]
  6. [22:33] ?
  7. [27:37] ?
  8. [33:45] Daniel Bell - Warped [Elevate]
  9. [37:16] ?
  10. [42:26] Mateo & Matos - Keep On Dancin' (Muzique Tropique's Live Jam) [Glasgow Underground]

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19:51, 7 June 2011 (CEST)
The name of the club was "blood sugar" and weatherall threw parties down there for a few months in mid 90s

10:38, 13 July 2014 (CEST)
I think bloodsugar was held at The Blue Note, Hoxton Square

2014-11-02 (20:46) (CET)
It was definitely held at the Blue Note on Hoxton Square (sadly no longer there) - I used to be a regular, and Bloodsugar is the best club night I've ever had the pleasure of attending. It was in the basement of the Blue Note, sweat used to drip off the air con ducts on to you while you were dancing. Sound was superb, and though Weatherall was the main attraction you also had Alex Knight and Rick Hopkins, fine DJs in their own right.

This mix is a fair representation of Weatherall's Bloodsugar sets, always started with some Rhythm and Sound - something I loved at the time, perfect aperitif for deep, hubby house music. I sometimes do the same with my sets today :)

Hoxton then is very different from today - the Blue Note was possibly the only club of note in the area, and the Bricklayers Arms (still there today) the place where we all used to meet for pre match drinks.

These are the days I will never forget, British house music at its best, DJs at the top of there game, and lots of amphet :D

2015-12-02 (11:00) (CET)
mix b the track beginning at 27:37 is a track by matthew herbert