1997-01-19 - Alex P & Brandon Block - Essential Mix

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


  1. Descent - Moonblower
  2. Van Haze - The Workout
  3. Natural Born Grooves - Grooveblind
  4. Hole In One - Life's Too Short
  5. Brainbug - Nighmare
  6. Aspro 2B Continued - Laydown
  7. Satellite City Recordings
  8. Madame F - Bonkers
  9. Fred & Ginger - The Jam Must Go On
  10. Baby Talk - Future
  11. Go Go - House Of Love
  12. Duke - So In Love With You
  13. Liquid Art - Explorer
  14. Go Go - Fairytales
  15. Extract - Take U To The Inside
  16. Technocat Featuring DJ Scott - The Journey
  17. Vinyl Vandals - Break
  18. Mankay - Double Trouble
  19. Cunky Mother - Cold Stone Lover
  20. ? - Strong Island
  21. Hip Hop - Renegade
  22. Slacker - Scared

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21:46, 14 March 2012 (CET)
I remember the night this went out we set the tape recorder then we went out to the brunel rooms in swindon came home and stuck it on and carried on the party stonking mix fantastic memories ...ROCKIN

03:37, 15 March 2012 (CET)
Thats right dazza, I rember that night too. I even think I have the tape somewere not that the quality will be any good now. Man we use to paryt hard what great memories!xx

2014-11-27 (13:30) (CET)
Anyone know the track following Slacker "Scared" from 1:44:30

Contains excerpt sample from movie "True Romance" "Shoot em in the face, put em down like a dollar" which is not part of the track.

Great sublime trance track, need to know what it is!!