1996 - Dave Seaman - The Silk Mix (Promo Mix)

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Very rare promotional mix cd, packaged in a single-disc card sleeve with butterfly photo on the front and track details on the rear. This CD was given away free with "Silk Cut" cigarettes at Renaissance nights.


  1. [00:00] e-N - The Horn Ride (Deep Dish Ambient Mix)
  2. [06:20] Angel Moraes - Time To Get Down (Get On It Mix)
  3. [13:10] e-N - The Horn Ride (Usls Hornbag Dub)
  4. [19:52] Bedrock - For What You Dream Of (Blue Amazons Beach House Vocal Remix)
  5. [34:12] Rumpus - Hypnotize
  6. [37:47] Superstars Of Rock - Orange Sunshine (Holy Trinity Mix)
  7. [47:43] Angeles - Keeper Of The Dream
  8. [54:53] Justin Garrett - Must Be The Music (Phil Jubb Remix)

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