1996-06-18 - Steve Mason - Experience, BFBS

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File details

Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


Hour 1
  1. Teri Forward Patterns Of Force MFS
  2. Eaon Elvis Pritchard Lust Bellboy
  3. Mark Finnie Sunless Bellboy
In The Mix
  1. D'Musik Maiden Voyage EP Matrix
  2. Family Submarine Next Century
  3. Van Basten Uber Alloy Brute
  4. Skool Phunk Your Love Is Hate Plastic City UK
  5. Nuclear Family Half Life Reflection Music
  6. DJ Scot Project U Got The Feeling Overdose
  7. Kinetico Valhalla Ground Groove
  8. T.H.C. Vox Trip Cool Cuts
  9. House Trap Highon The Edge Prolekult
Hour 2
  1. Mandala Monumental Deep Distraxion
  2. Glass Walker Claustrophylia M Track
  3. Fred Giteau + Coral Reef Blue Mindwork
  4. DHS House Of God Pump Panel Remix Missile 13
  5. Ravebusters Mitrax Suck Me Plasma
  6. IPO MOB Prescription Cuts Flashcomm 03
  7. Anjuna The Incredible Dub Solid Silver
  8. Stone Curling Rope Trick Next Century
  9. Metal Spark Digital Dent M Track
  10. Naked Ape Whos Getting It Wax Trax

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