1995-11-24 - Chris Liebing @ Omen, Frankfurt (CLR Podcast 076, 2010-08-09)

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CLR Podcast 076
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"A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon an old box in my basement. In this box I found a tape (yes, one of these old things with two holes and actual tape on a reel) with a white sticker that showed "Omen 24.11.95" on it. I realized that on this Friday night, almost 15 years ago, I had my very first gig at the famous club.

At that time I was randomly DJing at little clubs and worked main time for EYE Q Records in Frankfurt, when I was asked by DJ Good Groove (at that time label manager at EYE Q) if I could fill in f! or DJ Pauli (today label manager of Cocoon Recordings), who suffered a stomach flu. It was Friday afternoon and I was basically the last person to get asked, since all other regular resident DJs didn't have time.

Of course I agreed, and lucky for me, the night went so well, that I quickly became a resident at this famous club in the heart of Frankfurt myself. In the last three years of this club (it had to close down in October 1998) I was able to play along some of the finest international guests and also opened various times for Sven and DJ Dag - as well as having my own nights, where I invited artists like for example Adam Beyer or The Advent. Looking back to these precious 3 years of my career, I would say it was the best DJ school one could ever ask for. I played warm up sets, long sets, short sets, peak time sets, morning sets and chill in and out sets, all in front of a knowing crowd on one of the best sound systems at that time.

So! it really is quite a discovery, which I made in my basement, ! and I am happy to be able to share this with you on our CLR Podcast." --Chris Liebing


CLR Podcast 076
  1. [00] ?
  2. [05] Trancesetters - The Search
  3. [12] ? (Lyrics From Wilko A.K.A. Ignition Technician - Work Your Body..) Remix?
  4. [22] ?
  5. [27] Hardhead - Demon Dreams [Strictly Rhythm]
  6. [34] ?
  7. [42] Green Velvet - Flash
  8. [44] ?
  9. [47] ?
  10. [55] ?
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