1995-04-28 - Jeff Mills @ Montini, Sint Truiden, Belgium

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1995-04-28 - Jeff Mills @ Montini, Sint Truiden, Belgium.jpg

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The same mix exists as 1995-04-07 - Jeff Mills @ The Rave Explosion, PK Studio, Brussel. One of them must be fake.


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This is the same as mixesdb.com/w/1995-04-07_-_Jeff_Mills_@_Th…

2017-05-30 (09:05) (CET)
2 different sources say this is the Montini mix (mixcloud.com/Subderground/jeff-mills-the-d… and mixcloud.com/DTRecs/dj-jeff-mills-montini-280495/) while the 2nd source says that's the PK mix mixcloud.com/DTRecs/dj-jeff-mills-pk-brussel-070495/

2017-06-06 (19:28) (CET)
deze set is van Jeff Mills @ Rave Zone Montini (Sint-Truiden):28-04-1995

2017-06-12 (11:33) (CET)
"The devil from detroit" upload is the same as the upload on the PK page, but it is put in different order (it is cut at 26:50) and it has 30 mins missing ... But I think this mix is the Montini one, while the other can't be the PK mix. DTRecs on Mixcloud lists another mix as PK Brussel 7-4-95