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MDB(PM)16:56, 04 Mar 2012
We switched to a short URL scheme. Instead of we now use Besides being shorter, it's also better for search engine integration.
All old links and hotlinked images on the interweb keep working. Your browser doesn't know the new URLs on MixesDB yet so all links appear as unvisited in the beginning.

We integrated a category filter on the standard search.
We'll disable the old Advanced Search soon if nobody complains here. It was buggy since the last software upgrade and only used for jumping in from category pages, but the standard search can do that much better now.

New milestones: 20,000+ players and over 50% of all mix pages are created not by User:MDB

Previous collected news: 2012-02-11
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Geomax(PM)10:28, 05 Mar 2012

Esf(PM)21:20, 05 Mar 2012
All right,
I've made a quick fix for my Mp3tag script.

I also included two scripts for and which try to give you formated tracklists from the pages. Give them a try if you like

MDB(PM)23:33, 05 Mar 2012
Respect for still maintaining the script

Update: We'll keep Special:AdvancedSearch alive in the hidden background.