2013-05-20 - Paulo Mojo - Electronic Groove Podcast (EG.392)

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  1. Lonely Boy - Love Wanted (Paolo Mojo Intro Tool) [Dance Revolt]
  2. Paolo Mojo Feat. Hardtop - Release Yourself (Dark Side Mix) [Skint]
  3. House Of Virus vs Marshall Jefferson - Lowdown (Paolo Mojo Remix) [Skint]
  4. Newbie Nerdz - Imagination (Paolo Mojo & Subtron Remix) [Neim]
  5. Lonely Boy - Love Wanted (Paolo Mojo Remix) [Dance Revolt]
  6. Paolo Mojo - Comsa (Snaz & Guzz Remix) [Lo Kik]
  7. + Paolo Mojo Feat. Born - Repetition (Acapella) [Unassigned]
  8. Sigur Ros - Saegoplur (Paolo Mojo Remix) [XL]
  9. Paolo Mojo - My Children (Luigi Rocca Remix) [303Lovers]
  10. Paolo Mojo - China Doll [Toolroom]
  11. Paolo Mojo - Talking Bout Love [303Lovers]
  12. Roman Flu Gel - Gecht's Noht (Paolo Mojo Remix) [Unavailable]
  13. Paolo Mojo - Give It All Away (Refrain Tool) [Pop Art]

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