2010-06-11 - Tiësto, David Forbes - Club Life 167

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Notes & Tracklist

Hour 1

01. Sia - Clap your Hands (Fred Falke mix)
02. Tiësto vs Diplo - C'mon! (short version)
03. Mr. Blink - Gecko
04. Patrick la Funk & Nicola feat. Jerique - Give Me a Reason (Farren Amani mix)
05. Tiësto Classic: Brother Brown - Under the Water (Alex Parsberg mix)
06. Setrise - The Attitude
07. Bartlett Bross vs Mazza - Satelite of Love (Fabio XB rework dub)
08. Tristan D - Passing Judgement (Guy Mearns mix)
09. Taylor and Close - Café del Mar 2010
10. DJ Eco pres. Badlands - To the Edge and Back (August Vila mix)
11. Muse - Resistance (Tiësto mix)

Hour 2
15 Minutes Of Fame - David Forbes
  1. David Forbes feat. Antonia Lucas - Because Of You
  2. David Forbes - Katsu
  3. David Forbes & Alan Nimmo - Samui
Back With Tiësto

01. Charles Feelgood feat. Russ Taylor - Hands (Alex Kenji mix)
02. Fill Dirty - Killsury (Dirty Skippy mix)
03. Alex - Don't Say it's Over (Deepside Deejays mix)
04. Lish - Blind Spot 0(Flippers mix)
05. Sebastian Krieg & Roman F - Kryptonite (Sebastian Krieg mix)
06. Rosie - Rosie
07. Mr.9 - Bright Lights (Rene Ablaze mix)
08. Adam Tas - Say (Yuri Kane mix)
09. Robbie Rivera - Girlfriend 2010


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