2009-11-11 - Karotte - Karottes Kitchen

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Notes & Tracklist

  1. Damian Schwartz - El Ray [Oslo]
  2. Pele - El Condor (Alex Niggemann Remix) [Supernature]
  3. Oskar Offermann - The Fog Burns Off [White]
  4. Massimo Di Lena - Delirious [Love Letters From Oslo]
  5. DJ Yellow - Now Way You Can Sleep [Plastic City]
  6. Chris Lattner - 9 Minutes House [Einmaleins]
  7. Gabrielle Baldi - She Comes Back [Bitten]
  8. Anton Pieete - Siberia [Intacto]
  9. ? [All Inn Limited]
  10. Renato Cohen - Street Dance (Santos Remix) [Sino]
  11. Sanasol - Tambourine Man [Fear Of Flying]
  12. D.I.Y. - Suck My Caulk (Markus Fix Remix) [Tuningspork]
  13. Robert Dietz - Teleparty [Cecille]
  14. Ryo Murakami - 83.1 [Relaxine]
  15. Shimmy Sham Sham 02 - Shimmy Sham Sham [Shimmy Sham Sham]


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