2005-11-27 - Steve Reid Ensemble - Gilles Peterson Worldwide

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Notes & Tracklist

  1. Chokolate - Waitin [White]
  2. Sebi - More Of The Raw [Dicey]
  3. J Davey - Everybody [White]
  4. Heavy - Unbelivable [Live in Session]
  5. Wahoo - Candle Light [White]
  6. Fat Freddies Drop - Flashback [Jazzanova Remix) [Sonar Kollecktiv]
  7. Kelley Polar - Ashamed Of Myself [Environ]
  8. Marathon Men - Luvin'
  9. Bugz In The Attic - Sounds Like [V2]
  10. Soil & 'Pimp' - Sessions' - Waltz For Goddess [Victor]
  11. Bajka - A Vision [Jazzman]
  12. Awesome New Republic - The Tape They Don't Want You To Hear [Sutro]
  13. Tony Williams - There Comes A Time [Verve]
  14. The Randy Watson Experience - Morning Bell [BBE]
  15. Weldon Irvine - We Gettin' Down [RCA]
  16. Steve Reid Ensemble - For Coltrane [Live In Session]
  17. Arthur Blythe - My Son Ra [India Navigation]
  18. Doug Hammond - We People [Idibib]
  19. Birigwa - Okusosola Mukuleke [Seeds]
  20. Italian Vocal Ensemble - Blue Rondo a la Turk‘ [Splasc]
  21. Paolo Conte - La Musica [East West]
  22. Ian Simmonds - The Dog [Musik Krause]
  23. Sergio Ricardo - Conversacao De Paz [Equipe]
  24. Dave Lee - You're Not Alone [Z/Interface]


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