2003-07-27 - Annie Nightingale, Ils, Renegade Knights - Annie On One

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Notes & Tracklist

Chapter 1
  1. Mr.C - Terricola (Layo And Bushwacka Mix) [End]
  2. M People vs Si Blagg - One Night in Heaven [White]
  3. Plump DJs - Funk Hits the Fan [Finger Lickin']
  4. Mr Velcro Fastener - Electrical Appliances (Plump DJ's Mix) [Air]
  5. Daft Punk - Revolution [Virgin]
  6. The Chemical Brothers - Nude Night [Virgin]
  7. Free*land - We Want Your Soul [Marine Parade]
  8. Age of Love - Age of Love [Heavenly]
  9. Silencer - Rollin And Controllin [Criticall Mass]
  10. Koma And Bones - Black Satsuma [Distinctive]
  11. D. Kay And Epsilon - Barcelona (High Contrast Mix) [BC]
Ils Mix
  1. Dynamite MC - Can't Copy [CDR]
  2. Blowfelt - Ardcore [CDR]
  3. Ils - Weight Gain 4000 [Perfecto]
  4. UFO - Tango And Pulse [Mob]
  5. Ils - Music [Marine Parade]
  6. Ils - Next Level [Marine Parade]
  7. Forme - Kick a Hole [Marine Parade]
  8. FC Kahuna - Hailan [Ils Remix) [Skint]
  9. R Kids - Passion [Botchit And Scarper]
Mix Ends
  1. Groove Armada - But I Feel Good (Audio Bullys Mix) [Jive]
  2. Audio Bullys - Way Too Long [Virgin]
  3. Krafty Kuts - Gimmie Da Breaks [Finger Lickin']
  4. P Diddy - Let's Get Ill (Darren Emerson [CDR]
Renegade Knights Mix
  1. Renegade Knights - Escape from the ghetto [unreleased]
  2. enegade Knights - Groove Will never let you down [unreleased]
  3. Renegade Knights - Saviour [unreleased]
  4. Renegade Knights - Dropping Bombs [Unreleased]
Mix Ends
  1. Futureshock - Pride's Paranoia (Ewan Pearson Mix) [Junior]
  2. Laurent Garnier - Return from Sirius [F-Communications]
  3. Rune - Calabria [Credence]
  4. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (Christian J Mix) [CDR]
  5. Prophets of Sound - Tide of Dreams (Brancaccio And Aisher Mix) [Ink]


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