2003-03-05 - Gilles Peterson, Carl Craig - Gilles Peterson Worldwide

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Jaylib - 'The Red' (Stones Throw)
Wildchild - 'Party Up feat. Vinja Mojica' (Stones Throw)
Dudley Perkins - 'Moma' (Stones Throw)
Prefuse 73 - 'Storm Returns feat. Dabrye' (Warp / White)
Fourtet - 'She Moves She' (Domino)
8 Doogymoto - 'Minimalistico' (Soundslike)
Dani Siciliano - 'Walk The Line'
Moloko - 'Come On' (Echo)
Ralph Myerz & Jack Herron Band - 'Here Is Love' (Emperor Norton)
The Detroit Experiment - 'Space Odyssey'(Rope a dope)
The Detroit Experiment - 'Enterluud' (Rope a dope)
The Detroit Experiment - 'Highest' (Rope a dope)
The Detroit Experiment - 'Too High' (Rope a dope)
1The Detroit Experiment - 'Midnight At The Twenty Grand' (Rope a dope)

Carl Craig Mix:
[66] Dick Hyman - 'Give It Up (Re-Edit)'
Cesaria Evora - 'Angola (Carl Craig Remix)'
Niko Marks - 'Chune' (Planet E)
Niko Marks - 'Truely Something' (Planet E)
1Tres Demented - 'Demented Drums 2' (Planet E)

Bugz In The Attic - 'Zombie 2003'
Mr. Spock - 'Words & Poets ' (Nylon)



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