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Tracklist Editor - New features

MDB (talkcontribs)

New features added:

  • Button A & A to swítch Artist 1, Artist 2 - Title to Artist 1 & Artist 2 - Title
  • Sources option DJ Bigos - This for oddly formated tracklist comments by "DJ Bigos" on SoundCloud and MixesDB (example).

Which Mix should I set to repeat?

FreaQ (talkcontribs)

I am just adding the Purified shows from Nora En Pure. Now I am seeing that some of the mixes were also used in 1Live DJ Session. I am not sure which one I should set to repeat. The 1Live DJ Session are dated one day before the Purified show, but from my point of view the Purified show is the 'original'.

Examples: 2017-10-01_-_Moguai,_Rudimental,_Nora_en_Pure_-_1LIVE_DJ_Session = 2017-10-02_-_Nora_En_Pure_-_Purified_065
2017-12-10_-_Moguai,_MK,_Nora_en_Pure_-_1LIVE_DJ_Session = 2017-12-11_-_Nora_En_Pure_-_Purified_070

Same Siuation for

Raduna007 (talkcontribs)

Sometimes it is possible that in the radio show is mix earlier than on the artist site.. than added 2017-10-02 - Nora En Pure - Purified 065 as repeat 2017-10-01_-_Moguai,_Rudimental,_Nora_en_Pure_-_1LIVE_DJ_Session

Importance is the upload date on the soundcloud and date of the broadcast radio show. What is later is a repetition.

and this 2017-05-14 - Moguai, DJ Hell, Nora en Pure - 1LIVE DJ Session is repeat 2017-05-01 - Nora En Pure - Purified 054

and this I can not find same set 2017-07-23 - Moguai (Parookaville), Tiësto (Parookaville), Nora En Pure - 1Live DJ Session

Volvox boiler room NYC Dj set

Adrien Longo (talkcontribs)

Hello !! It's possible to have a tracklist of this mix please ? I did not find it anywhere :'( youtube.com/watch?v=83of520oYr0

Tracklist editor next to the edit box

MDB (talkcontribs)

On wide monitors (+1800px) you can now move the Tracklist Editor up, right to the normal edit box:

Tracklist editor next to the edit box - 1.png

Tracklist editor next to the edit box - 2.png

Also comments are shown then.

A cookie is set so it opens the same way on the next edit.

Seba2695 (talkcontribs)

Isn't there a way to change page titles without moving the page to a new one? (sorry for my bad english)

MDB (talkcontribs)

That's what moving does. Renaming with a redirect.

MDB (talkcontribs)

Guessing categories is now available for all users (previously mods only) and also in the inline upload area.

Mixcloud tracklists and players

MDB (talkcontribs)
Mixcloud tracklists vis JunoDownload

It is no more possible to check the check Mixcloud players for JunoDownload tracklists automatically. You need to open the Mixcloud pages manually. Found tracklists are then stored tho.

New mixcloud players

On the Main Page we added anew tab "Mixcloud". It listss new Mixcloud uploads with a tracklist that are not used on MixesDB yet (if the URL is not used in players or linked in text).

The uploads come from all users, so there might be non-related uploads. We might refine a sub section of defined user accounts.

The section might be expanded by new YouTube videos by defined user accounts.

MDB (talkcontribs)

Fixed if you saw nothing under the Mixcloud tab.

MDB (talkcontribs)

"New mixcloud players" on the Main Page is removed now due to low usage and heavy server usage.

AddMix templates from your favorite categories

MDB (talkcontribs)

You can create a user sub page of AddMix templates.

Now you can have an automatic list of the templates from your favorite categories:

This lists "AddMix" templates from your favorite categories.

  • If you miss a category, you may have it not favorited yet or you need to create an AddMix template.
  • If a defunct podcast or show is listed, request the deletion of the AddMix template for that category, e.g. in the forum.

It's cached for 2 minutes, but the cache can be purged.

Add this code to a user sub page:

== My favorites categories ==

{{AddMix templates from my favorite categories}}

To exlude categories from the list use not= and sepearte multiple titles with ¦:

{{AddMix templates from my favorite categories|not=Boiler Room¦Essential Mix}}