2014-09-25 - DeepChord - Live @ ENTER.Sake, Space, Ibiza

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See also 2014-09-25 - VA @ ENTER., Space, Ibiza


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2014-10-26 (23:50) (CET)
the mix is coming in very soon

2014-10-26 (23:51) (CET)
im trying to figure out the track after sawlin. its right before luciano starts

2014-10-26 (23:53) (CET)
intro opening is 19 minutes long

2014-10-27 (00:09) (CET)
2014-10-27 (08:35) (CET)
@James : it´s Paul Jackson ‎– The Push

2014-10-27 (08:38) (CET)
Also played

D-Saw - Track 10:30

2014-10-27 (09:24) (CET)
@James : Paul Jackson : The Push

2014-10-27 (11:04) (CET)
also played LFO - FREAK !!

2014-10-27 (11:11) (CET)
also played: Funk d'Void - Emotional Content

2014-10-27 (14:50) (CET)
The last Track from Sven Väth at 3pm was this fucking amazing

2014-10-27 (15:18) (CET)
This was one of the best raves I have ever been to.

Sven's first set was top quality and he looked like he was having the time of his life. So pleased to have been part of it... cant wait to download and keep forever.

2014-10-27 (15:19) (CET)
ID is Paul Jackson The Push

2014-10-27 (15:26) (CET)
@ alex WORD ! the first set was so fucking amazing ! luciano was boring after him !!!hope to get the download asap !!

2014-10-27 (15:37) (CET)
Dan Croll - From Nowhere (Âme Remix)

Sure that Sven played this one? That was Koze's first track after the big "Birthday-Greeting"...did Sven played that tune again (...cause I didn't recognized it)?

2014-10-27 (15:45) (CET)
@ Alex & andi303

Luciano's playtime was placed very wrong...but yes, it was a great party indeed.

Great Warm-Up by Alex Azary with a fine selection of classics and stripped-down-tunes. Koze in the beginning was good also, but after the "B-Day Greeting" he bored me a little bit. And then Sven...very hard...very groovy...truly awesome!

2014-10-27 (15:51) (CET)
He also played-windowlicker by aphex twin,and akzidenz grotesk-isbjorn

2014-10-27 (15:56) (CET)
also played:

D-Saw - 10.30

2014-10-27 (16:04) (CET)
already mentioned @andi


koze played it, sven didn't.

anyone knows track id by koze before countdown (about 11:55pm)?

2014-10-27 (16:13) (CET)
@ empty

Koze's last track was his own: MARIPOSA from Kompakt Total 8

2014-10-27 (16:17) (CET)
1. Moderat - Bad Kingdom (Koze Remix)

2. Trus'me - I Want You (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)

3. Benjamin Damage - Up

4. Reboot - Samson

5. Dust - Deep Down

6. Sable Sheep - Cargo Room

7. Margot - Liuff Settanta (Fango Rework)

8. Gary Beck Feat. Debra Debs - Get Together

9. Adam Beyer - Open Up

10. Sam Paganini - Labyrinth

11. Harry Romero - Get Deep

12. Slam - Collecting Data

13. Sven Väth - Komm

14. Kölsch - Papageno

15. Alan Fitzpatrick - Truant

16. Petter B - Bergsjon Eternal

17. Ben Sims - Raw Hide

18. Gary Beck - Hold Up

19. MMM - Jack7

20. Mark Broom - Nova

21. Planetary Assault System - No Exit

22. Slam - Rotary

23. Pig & Dan - Sandstorm

24. Ben Sims - Spectrum

25. Pig & Dan - On A Train Update

26. Daniel Stefanik - Signs

27. Planetary Assault Systems - Future Modular

28. Sawlin & Subjected - Texture 1.1

29. Dan Croll - From Nowhere (Âme Remix)

30. Dominik Eulberg - Opel Tantra

31. Off - Electric Salsa

32. Paul jackson : The Push

33. 16 Bit - Where Are You

34. Luca Ballerini - L'Eternita Di Un Attimo

35. Joris Voorn - The Secret

36. Ignacio - Virton

37. Akzidenz Grotesk - Isbjorn

38. Untold - Targa

39. Anthony Rother - Father

40. Legowelt - Disco Route

2014-10-27 (16:22) (CET)
thx krakpot !

never heard it before tbh :O

2014-10-27 (16:33) (CET)
Paul Jackson - the Push

2014-10-27 (17:43) (CET)
also played: Johannes Heil - Paranoid Dancer

2014-10-27 (18:34) (CET)
Gregor Tresher - Warpaint / Relevance

2014-10-27 (19:25) (CET)
Paul jackson - the push

2014-10-27 (19:37) (CET)
i just want the final track before luciano started. its after sawlin & subjected

2014-10-27 (19:50) (CET)
Who's the set?

2014-10-27 (19:51) (CET)
who is the next one who's writing "Paul Jackson The Push" ?

2014-10-27 (19:53) (CET)

It was

Dominik eulberg & gabriel ananda - dinosaurus in the sky (traum 165.5)

2014-10-27 (20:35) (CET)
i thought i also heard an older "the advent" track in the early morning...?!? but not sure...

2014-10-27 (21:14) (CET)
James, is Paul Jackson - The Push

2014-10-27 (21:43) (CET)
Guy Gerber - This is balagan, around the beginning of second Sven's mix

2014-10-27 (22:07) (CET)

2014-10-27 (22:16) (CET)
2014-10-27 (22:29) (CET)
what was the last track ?

2014-10-27 (23:52) (CET)
He also played Johannes Heil - Paranoid Dancer in the morning

2014-10-27 (23:54) (CET)
I hope his Classic set was recorded, too.

It was the most amazing celebration i have ever been, thank you Sven

2014-10-28 (02:59) (CET)
any tracks he played twice?

2014-10-28 (10:08) (CET)
Cì Tì
2014-10-28 (11:51) (CET)
Sven and Richie together: Carl Craig - At Les (Christian Smith's Hypnotica Remix)

2014-10-28 (12:58) (CET)
Carl Craig ??

It's this one:

No One Gets Left Behind (DJ Yellow & Flowers And Sea Creatures)

2014-10-28 (13:43) (CET)
'at les' was richies last track before sven started his second set

2014-10-28 (13:57) (CET)
Martin i miss SVPF. Is there no alternative?

2014-10-28 (14:11) (CET)
Paul Jackson - The Push

Cì Tì
2014-10-28 (14:37) (CET)
yes, "at les"was richie's last one: youtube.com/watch?v=fR6RM18gYho&list=P…

2014-10-28 (15:11) (CET)
what about the recorded mix ?!? we all need it !!! :D

2014-10-28 (15:30) (CET)
Sven played Guy Gerber-This is Balagan after Electrica Salsa, and i think he played Guy Gerber_ Timing, too

2014-10-28 (15:53) (CET)
Gregor Tresher - Relevance

2014-10-28 (16:10) (CET)
upload that mix plz

2014-10-28 (16:15) (CET)

DJ Yellow & Flowers And Sea Creatures - No One Gets Left Behind (Konstantin Sibold Remix)

2014-10-28 (17:09) (CET)

2014-10-28 (17:20) (CET)
sucks that the first couple tracks are missing from the uploaded set. :(

2014-10-28 (17:34) (CET)
2014-10-28 (17:35) (CET)
2014-10-28 (18:34) (CET)
he also played. LFO - LFO

2014-10-28 (18:36) (CET)
part 1. what about part 2. i dont remember a part 2 being recorded. if it is please post ASAP

2014-10-28 (21:12) (CET)
he also played Steve Rachmad - Moog on Acid...

2014-10-28 (21:41) (CET)
Steve Parker - Conductor

Danny Deep - Baja Gang (Jose Oli Remix)

2014-10-28 (21:42) (CET)
steve rachmad - levigi

2014-10-28 (21:44) (CET)
its a good thing i recorded tthe whole set that night. it was 3 and a half hours

2014-10-28 (21:55) (CET)
im not for sure if he did play guy gerber timing or steve rachmad levigi

2014-10-28 (21:58) (CET)
sven did play the dan croll track at another event before his birthday party

2014-10-28 (22:02) (CET)
James give the entire set, all over I see cut versions :)

2014-10-28 (22:03) (CET)
Richie played LFO- LFO

It was his last track

2014-10-28 (22:05) (CET)
i thought it was carl craig at les

2014-10-28 (22:05) (CET)
i thought it was carl craig at les

2014-10-28 (22:11) (CET)
No richie played LFO and Sven was dancing on the table ;-)

2014-10-28 (22:11) (CET)
No richie played LFO and Sven was dancing on the table ;-)

2014-10-28 (22:14) (CET)
so long did he actually play for. ibiza sonica he played for 2:40:00. while is classic set was about 3 hours long. he muwst of played for 6 hours on 2 sets

2014-10-28 (22:14) (CET)
2014-10-28 (22:16) (CET)
His classic set was only 2 hours music and half an hour talking

2014-10-28 (22:16) (CET)
the intro set is a documentary of his career

2014-10-28 (22:17) (CET)
and why aint he with deadmau5. skrillex and the rest of them big artists. sounds awful funny to me.

2014-10-28 (22:23) (CET)
the documentary was before his first set.

He talked to us live in the last half hour, that was very emotional and personally. Ich hope someone recorde this speech

2014-10-28 (22:23) (CET)
the documentary was before his first set.

He talked to us live in the last half hour, that was very emotional and personally. Ich hope someone recorde this speech

2014-10-28 (22:24) (CET)
Sorry for my bad english

2014-10-28 (22:24) (CET)
and double post :-D

2014-10-29 (11:27) (CET)
Butch - Up

2014-10-29 (12:06) (CET)
Can anyone ID this track dj ooze played during his set?

2014-10-29 (12:27) (CET)
where is the full set??(with intro)

2014-10-29 (15:16) (CET)

dan croll - from nowhere (âme remix)

2014-10-29 (22:16) (CET)
in 2nd set he also played

  • Wink - Superfreak
  • Timmo - Canvas
  • Alan Fitzpatrick - For fear tonight is all
@ the afterhour

  • Underworld - Rez, Dark train & lots more... :-)
what a party!! still speechless <3

2014-10-29 (22:32) (CET)
2nd set

  • Gregor Tresher - About a good place
2014-10-30 (07:40) (CET)
did he play cowgirl by underworld

2014-10-30 (09:15) (CET)
Does someone have the closing set tracklisting ?

2014-10-30 (09:44) (CET)
from the looks of it i think we got almost all of it. not sure

2014-10-30 (09:47) (CET)
i have the full set recorded. it was on ibiza sonica. the full set with intro was 3 hours long. including talking

2014-10-30 (09:51) (CET)
i do not have the intro set. but the intro set is already here on youtube so you can hear it anyway. the music he was going for was 2 hours and 41 minutes. the intro was about right. 21 minutes long

2014-10-30 (09:55) (CET)
heres another video with the intro. its 25 minutes long. if anyone has the full 3 hour recording from ibiza sonica. please upload that set.

2014-10-30 (09:58) (CET)
im sure part 2 will be uploaded soon. remember how they upload part 2 from amore festival and it was only part 1. thats probably gonna happen again. except its gonna take longer

2014-10-30 (10:07) (CET)
Guy Gerber - Timing (he just started it and then there was problem with the needle)

Underworld - Cowgirl (he played in Zimmer)

Luca Ballerini & Funk D Void tracks he played two times (Big Party and in Zimmer)

The party of the century! Full of memories and emotions! Happy Bday to our fav dj!!

2014-10-30 (10:13) (CET)
o in the time table he was supoose to do 2 sets in each stage summer and winter. did he actually play for 11 hours? in 4 sets

2014-10-30 (10:14) (CET)
On Paranoid Dancer was the 'sit down' after which the party like restarted :) Happy moments

2014-10-30 (10:25) (CET)
if you go to youtube and search sven vath,new. there is i think a 10 to 12 minute video with a couple of tracks he played during his set. bbut their tracks ive never heard before. i cant tell because of the video the person recorded

2014-10-30 (10:27) (CET)
wow this party got a bigger reaction than deadmau5 set

2014-10-30 (11:06) (CET)

where's the full set without intro?? i don't find it

2014-10-30 (11:38) (CET)
"o in the time table he was supoose to do 2 sets in each stage summer and winter. did he actually play for 11 hours? in 4 sets"

This is a joke, right?

2014-10-30 (19:33) (CET)
no this isnt a joke this is a real question. did he or did he not you figure it out

2014-10-30 (20:44) (CET)
he also played Zzino vs. Accelerator ‎– Alien Body (Sterac rmx)

during his 2nd set

2014-10-30 (20:48) (CET)

... and Dirty - Dirty (E-Dancer Remix) as well

2014-10-30 (20:50) (CET)
the summer / winter thing was the time change from summer to winter time

honestly, how should it work that he played from 01.00 - 04:30 on one and from 01:00 - 03:30 on the other floor?

2014-10-30 (23:24) (CET)
Hotel Lauer - QD (afterhour at Zimmer)

2014-10-30 (23:43) (CET)
Ferrer & Sydenham - Timbuktu (Pan-African Electro Dub) (afterhour at Zimmer)

2014-10-31 (00:07) (CET)
Josh Wink & Lil' Louis - How's Your Evening So Far?

(afterhour at Zimmer)

2014-10-31 (00:13) (CET)

Anyone know the name of this song in link??

2014-10-31 (00:22) (CET)
@Andyy: D-Saw - 10:30

2014-10-31 (15:42) (CET)
Barbarella ‎– My Name Is Barbarella

(afterhour at Zimmer)

2014-10-31 (21:48) (CET)
I have this whole party, with the actual set of each artist, this shared here there is garbage mixin.fakes

I'll share: alex Azari: 64 Min, DJ Koze: 2 Hours, Sven Vath: 3 hours real (from the intro to the end) & Luciano: 1hour 40 min

2014-10-31 (23:14) (CET)
i was right. but why does svens set say part 1. why wont he post part 2. there has to be 2 parts to this set. unless its a misprint and thats the only set he did

2014-10-31 (23:19) (CET)
WILDLIF3. if you have the set then please post it. we dont want the fans to be disapointed. that set there the radio people posted is only 2 hours long. i mean. why even post the set if your not gonna give the full thing away. seems like people today are being chincy. i remember back from 1999 to 2008 sven posted his marathon sets all the time. now it seems like hes doing it once every 6 months. your lucky he even gave you that 3 hour show. im suprised

2014-11-01 (12:52) (CET)
another version incl. the opening tracks:

2014-11-03 (03:52) (CET)
my apologies if i offended anyone. please delete the comments that was posted by me

2014-11-03 (23:36) (CET)
Sven also played in the second part:

Richard Bartz - Blunted

Plastikman ‎– Sickness

2014-11-05 (05:28) (CET)
id please

he also played felix da housecat what does it feel like

2014-11-05 (05:31) (CET)
ian o'donovan - lotus?

2014-11-05 (21:56) (CET)
I think the Video is from Luciano's-Set

2014-11-11 (23:43) (CET)
He also played this track:

Does anybody knows it?

Maybe Martin?

2014-11-12 (01:21) (CET)
David August - epikur

2014-11-12 (22:02) (CET)
thanks a lot, james!

2014-11-19 (17:44) (CET)
any chance to get svens classic set in the morning ??

2014-11-21 (00:34) (CET)
im afraid not :(. but i think the entire playlist is offically complete

2014-11-23 (20:20) (CET)
track id 2:25 anyone?

thx in advance!

2015-01-06 (15:49) (CET)
found it btw

edward - skating beats

2015-03-23 (06:07) (CET)
for anybody that did not pay attention to the track he was uring his bio. it was Nils Frahm - Says. it on his chill out CD coming home

2015-09-21 (12:02) (CET)
@ andi303

which track by the advent

2015-11-24 (13:13) (CET)
if he played anything by the advent then he would the this one the advent - bad boy since you said older

2015-11-24 (13:29) (CET)
sven also played plastikman - panikattack (afterhour in zimmer)

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