2014-03-07 - Woo York (Live PA) - Pole Group Radio, Vicious Radio

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~1 hour long.
Different file versions may exist.


  1. Woo York - Deep Overlap [Not Signed]
  2. Woo York - Strobe 1 [To Be Released At Planet Rhythm]
  3. Woo York - Cinema Club [Delta Code]
  4. Woo York - Acidic Uniformity [To Be Released At Planet Rhythm]
  5. Woo York - I Am Against [Soma]
  6. Woo York - Solar Diet [Soma]
  7. Woo York - They Know About You [Not Signed]
  8. Woo York - Siberian Night [To Be Released At Soma]
  9. Woo York - Ancient Light [Soma]
  10. Woo York - Heavy Box [Not Signed]
  11. Woo York - Smoke Signal [To Be Released At Soma]
  12. Woo York - In The End [To Be Released At Soma]
  13. Woo York - Trim From Baikonur [Planet Rhythm WY]

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