2013-09-20 - Rob Made - Dionysian Mysteries Presents Mamashuka's Miami Warm Up Mix

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dur MB kbps


  1. Fabry Pandolfo & Stephane Deschezeaux - Feel Your Soul (Marco Darko Remix) [Sleazy Deep]
  2. Inaya Day, Chyna Ro, DJ Mike Cruz - Movin' Up (Walker & Royce Remix) [Nurvous Presents]
  3. Marcato & TIny Toon - In My Mind [Sleazy Deep]
  4. Rafael Cerato & Art Is A Consequence - Wrong Way (Clouded Judgement Remix) [Sleazy Deep]
  5. Earstrip And Torha Feat. Ellie Ka - Walk Alone [Sleazy Deep]
  6. HearThuG Feat. Stee Downs - Every Days Another Night [Stranjjur]
  7. Sharam Jey & Vanilla Ace - My Thang [Bunny Tiger]
  8. Laststraw - Rawlings (Daniel Fernandes Remix) [Sleazy Deep]
  9. Moonwalk Veat. Ego - Confession (Metrika Remix) [Faceless]
  10. Rafael Cerato - What U Do [Sleazy Deep]
  11. Sharam Jey & Night Talk - Dance With You [Nurvous Presents]
  12. MAD! Feat. Antranita - Get Physical [All Gods Love]
  13. DBMM Feat. Lostcause - Starscream [Stranjjur]
  14. Bluford Duck - Kissed (Rob Made Remix) [Stayfly]
  15. Nora En Pure - Come With Me (Vanilla Ace Remix) [Enormous Tunes]
  16. Cambie - Movin' On [Sleazy Deep]

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