2013-06-28 - DJ Food - O Is For Orange (AV Mix)

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dur MB kbps


This was uploaded as "Version 2" on 2013-07-04. The original upload is unknown.


  1. Sesame Street - Oh! Orange [Sesame Workshop]
  2. Galt Macdermot - Aquarius [RCA Victor]
    Video: 'Conquest Of Light' [Dir. Paul Cohen, 'Mars & Beyond' (Dir. Ward Kimball, 'Time Magazine' Advert, Excerpt From 'Thunderbolt') - Dir. Ira Cohen]
  3. Boards Of Canada - The Colour Of The Fire [Warp]
    Video: Sesame Street 'I Love You'
  4. Broadcast & The Focus Group - The Be Colony [Warp]
    Video: 'Witch Cults' #1 & 2 - Both Dir. Julian House
  5. Yosi Horikawa - Wandering [First Word]
    Video: Yeasayer 'Henrietta' [Dir. Unknown]
  6. Prefuse 73 Feat. School Of Seven Bells - The Class Of 73 [Warp]
    Video: Official (Dir. Chris Boyle) - [Warp Films]
  7. Mordy Laye & The Group Modular - Electric Paint [Audio Montage]
    Video: Official [Dir. Plankton]
  8. Boards Of Canada - Everything You Do Is A Balloon [Skam]
    Video: Unofficial (Dir. Nonameno5, Sampled From 'One Got Fat') [1963]
  9. John Abercrombie - Timeless [ECM]
    Video: 'As The Crow Flies' [Dir. Funki Porcini, At&t Documentaries]
  10. Delia Derbyshire And Barry Bermange - The Dreams: Land [BBC]
  11. The Books - Group Autogenics I [Temporary Residence]
    Video: 'Terminal Self' [Dir. John Whitney Jr.]
  12. Two Quiet Suns - Light Curve [Bandcamp]
    Video: Yeasayer 'Fingers Never Bleed' [Dir. Unknown]
  13. DJ Food - Sunspot
    Video: Official [Dir. DJ Food & Tom Clarkson]
  14. Lost Idol - Beesmouth [Cookshop]
    Video: Excerpt From 'The Public Voice' - Dir. Lejf Marcussen
  15. Boards Of Canada - A Beautiful Place Out In The Country [Warp]
    Video: Unofficial - Dir. Neil Krug
  16. Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup (Boards Of Canada Remix) [Pias]
    Video: 'Series 4' (Dir. Normand Grégoire) [Nation Film Board Of Canada]
  17. Autechre - Teartear [Warp]
    Video: 'Beyond The Black Rainbow' (Dir. Panos Comastos, Aldo Aréchar 'That Will Be The Day') - Dir. Matthew Divito]
  18. The Human League - Being Boiled (Fast)
    Video: Unofficial Live Tv Appearance Remixed By DJ Food
  19. Wagon Christ - Chunkothy [Ninja Tune]
    Video: Official [Dir. Celyn Brazier]
  20. Boards Of Canada - Satellite Anthem Icarus [Warp]
    Video: Unofficial - Dir. Videomarsh
  21. Boards Of Canada - Music Is Math [Warp]
    Video: Unofficial - Dir. Unknown
  22. Slag Boom Van Loon - Poppy Seed (Boards Of Canada Remix) [Planet Mu]
    Video: 'Rendezvous With Rama' Arthur C. Clarke 3d Footage
  23. Boards Of Canada - Olson (Midland Re-Edit)
    Video: 'Hello Machine' [Dir. Carroll Ballard]
  24. Delia Derbyshire And Barry Bermange - The Dreams: Colour [BBC]
  25. Sesame Street - A Lot Of Me [Sesame Workshop]

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