2013-03-04 - A Digital Needle - Mischio Dischi Disco 078

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dur MB kbps


Uploaded privately to SoundCloud before the release date.



  1. Bessie Jones - Sometimes
  2. Tamiko Jones - Let It Flow (Tim Zawada Deep And Slow Edit)
  3. Les Rita Mitsouko - Andy (Laura Ingalls Edit)
  4. Wah! - The Story Of The Blues Part 2 (It's A Fine Line Edit) [I'm A Cliché Edit Service]
  5. Grateful Dead - Shakedown Street (Meaningless Re-Edit)
  6. Brenda Fassie - Black President (Dub edit)
  7. Werner Baumgart Big Band - Long Island Sound [MPS]
  8. Patrick Henderson & The West Angeles Sanctuary Choir - Look To Jesus
  9. Lonzine Wright - Wait Wait (Extended Edit) [Tyson]
  10. Tasha Thomas - Shoot Me [Orbit]
  11. Jacques Dutronc - Remue-Ménages [Gaumont Musique]
  12. Taana Gardner - Work That Body (Munich Machine Re-Edit) [West End]

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