2009-11-01 - Chaim @ Goa Halloween, Fabrik, Madrid (Live At Goa 12)

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[00] ?

[02] Chaim - Ur Around Me [BPitch Control - BPC 254]


[17] Marco Effe - Dosha's Adventure [Break New Soil - BNS 024]

[18] ?


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00:13, 7 December 2013 (CET)
this Goa Cast on mixcloud is confusing!!

for this mix /player it says:

Live at Goa 10, Chaim /BPitchControl (2012-11-01). It also has a different image (Live at Goa #10)!

I wanted to "clean up" this whole GOA Cast category (=so they show up in a correct order from #01-36 (or someting like that).

But I think I should stop here, because at some point they must have edited all their mixcloud players (+descriptions).. So I've no clue what's wrong or right :(

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