2011-0X - Le Loup - Autobrennt Podcast 023

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2016-09-01 (17:49) (CET)
This is the first hour of this set: residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?865757

2016-09-01 (18:07) (CET)
dj wild - jew jitsu

2016-09-01 (18:08) (CET)
Martin Buttrich, Mathew Jonson - Synchronicity

2016-09-01 (18:20) (CET)

2016-09-01 (18:22) (CET)
Eduardo De La Calle - Be Alrigh

2016-09-01 (20:58) (CET)
youANDme - Sinus Cosinus

2016-09-01 (23:52) (CET)
he also played pig & dan - the saint job san

2016-09-02 (00:04) (CET)
@ amnesia vath played alex bau - the whip

2016-09-02 (17:29) (CET)
2016-09-02 (23:42) (CET)
vath @ T in the park

hot city orchestra - the nine (andre galuzzi remix)

butch - magnetic

Adam Port - Sonnenfinsternis


Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Trouble At The Seance (Kölsch Remix)

24 minutes of video


anymore tracks he played please post

2016-09-03 (20:33) (CET)
c rau - sheeos unn note

redshape - tel aviv

2016-09-04 (15:28) (CET)
2016-09-04 (21:17) (CET)
First one in the video is Levon Vincent - Birds, cheers

2016-09-05 (05:04) (CET)
anybody find out what track number 8 is?

2016-09-05 (11:47) (CET)
I think the track after "Mutter" in the video is Baikal - Pelican´s Flight

2016-09-05 (20:17) (CET)
2016-09-05 (20:18) (CET)
whats after baikal

2016-09-05 (21:48) (CET)
In that video it is off - electrica salsa rmx, no?

....does anyone know what is the track at 2:06 min.?

Thx for any idea

2016-09-06 (02:05) (CET)
it is not electrica salsa

2016-09-06 (10:34) (CET)
@ amnesia vath played Dinky - Casa (Axel Boman Dub Mix)

2016-09-08 (19:08) (CET)
woooow - Track 2:06 min rocks the floor

2016-09-11 (01:03) (CET)
@ amnesia.

dj rolando - knights of the jaguar.

lil louis - french kiss

Christian Smith - bells Of Odin

pig & dan - complex

2016-09-11 (09:05) (CET)
bart skils - starfighter

2016-09-14 (16:13) (CET)

...meanwhile anyone any idea?


2016-09-14 (17:16) (CET)
could be new cocoon release

2016-09-14 (17:27) (CET)
hmmm, maybe but I think next one after the new Cocoon Compilation P will be Vince watson, Frank lorber - Speaker Freaker / L'obscure Objet Du Désir (COR1011)

hopefully somebody will find out...thx

2016-09-15 (21:25) (CET)
also played Jacob Korn - You Fill Me @ Amnesia

2016-09-18 (01:16) (CET)
Patrice Bäumel - Reich: Drumming (Drumming) - Patrice Bäumel Remix @ in the park

2016-10-04 (17:16) (CET)
Tracklist from 17th season-soundtrack?

2016-10-05 (01:37) (CET)
id this track please. the whole thing is vocal

2016-10-05 (16:41) (CET)
2016-10-06 (19:34) (CET)
claude vonstroke whos afraid of detroit 10 years mix

2016-10-07 (20:22) (CET)
hey look somebody finally recorded it. SURPRISE!!!

2016-10-10 (20:19) (CET)
Hey there cocooners. Few fresh tracks from ibiza

Masomenos - tatatatatatat

Terranova - The Girls Are Hungry (Fetisch Mix)

Simian Mobile Disco - Staring At All This Handle

Human Machine - The Mule

Audion - Gut Man Cometh (Matthew Herbert´s dub mix)

2016-10-12 (12:54) (CET)
doomwork - memento ep. not sure which track he played

2016-10-15 (19:43) (CET)

2016-10-15 (21:36) (CET)
Thanks a lot Rossi, just ordered the record. How did you find out? Great! Love it! Cheers.

2016-10-15 (22:10) (CET)
through mr vaths facebook

2016-10-16 (17:19) (CET)
Hi Tucano. This one is on his 17th season mix. Next month I've been seeing Sven in Watergate so I will get more gooood material. Regards

2016-10-16 (21:36) (CET)
Hi guys, in one Video (amnesia) Sven played - Kink - Valentines Groove.

2016-10-17 (10:53) (CET)
@ rossi. lets the full playlist @ watergate. his marathons usually has about 70 to 80 tracks

2016-10-17 (11:16) (CET)
thanks Rossi. looking forward to it. saluti

2016-10-17 (13:43) (CET)
come one James last time it was 16 hours... its not possible to get all tracks. Sometimes when I talk to him he even does not know what is the record name (Vinyl is not signed due to it`s a sample form guys which want to promote themself...). But will try my best to get these pearls see the light ;)

btw. few new tracks for You my friends

Future Line - Black Stone

BB- Kornel Kovacs

Don't Look back and go on - Victor Santana

Homo Sandwichus- Pepe Bradock

No mor Version - Rhauder & Paul St. Hilaire

Heard'chew Single (John FM. Vocals) - Omar s

2016-10-19 (22:21) (CET)
Fela Kuti - Egbe Mi O (Carry Me)

2016-10-20 (02:11) (CET)
Hello everyone. Please, tell me why Sven never played this wonderful track ?released in 2011 on Circus Rec.

Sven Väth - Ballet Romance (Yousef Circus Rework)

2016-10-20 (02:28) (CET)
2016-10-20 (22:01) (CET)
2016-10-21 (21:07) (CET)
i noticed hes been playing jazz records

2016-10-24 (06:09) (CET)
mr vath has the new luke slater arc angel album. keep in watch for which ones he plays. im thinking the rider. and behind the eyes

2016-10-28 (20:21) (CET)
ids please


Psyk - Distane

Psyk - Arcade

Len Faki & Johannes Heil - the Octopuss


2016-10-28 (23:19) (CET)
Tale Of Us - Another Earth

Pele & Shawnecy - Can't Wait

Alejandro Mosso - Somebody (Sis remix)

2016-10-29 (11:19) (CET)
hey i found a dj set of mr vath @ loveland 2013. its on their website


Jimmy Edgar - Hot Inside

Tale Of Us - Another Earth

Ten Walls - Gotham

jordan peak - its time ultrasone remix

butch - desert storm

waff - beatmakerz

butch - led ceiling

pig & dan savage

mark reeve - optical

josh wink - balls (big mix)

duration 60.00

2016-11-02 (22:21) (CET)

I think the track väth played on oct 3rd @amnesia you were looking for on youtube is a version of michel kiwanuka - black man in a white world.... I did not find the version sven played but it should be the right original song

2016-11-02 (22:24) (CET)
2016-11-03 (11:12) (CET)
its Henrik Schwarz played

2016-11-03 (11:26) (CET)
Track @ min. 2:00?

2016-11-14 (19:13) (CET)
Hi friends

unfortunately Sven only played aprox 5h set 2 Watergate with no after and after him Maurizio took over , but I manage to id few tracks.

Rampa - Necessity

Roar - Santeria

Rhauder & Paul St. Hilaire Reconnection Molekule

The Cyclist - Pressing Matters (Robag's Pinvoldex Sull NB)

La Fleur - Hedione

Mike Dehnert - How Close To Be

Pépé Bradock - Homo Sandwichus

Traumer - Ijah

Tumult Hands - Tropic Factory

Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier - Vaporized

Eddie Fowlkes- Imva

some demo pressed at brooklynphono matrix number 14 ;)

Mano Le Tough Energy Flow (DJ Koze Splasher Remix)

Omar-S - Heard Chew Single (feat John Fm)

Dinky - Casa (Axel Boman Dub Mix)


Human Machine - The Mule

Tim Green - Only Time Remains

Eddie Fowlkes - Oriane

Trap10 - Dimi

Levon Vincent - Untitled A1

Adam Port - Sonnenfinsternis

Patrice Bäumel - Reich Drumming (Drumming)

Pig&Dan - The Saint (Job San)

Rico Puestel neyst ??? can not id this track

Jack Master - Bang The Box (Slam Remix)

Emmanuel - Entroterra (Original Mix)

Alex Bau - Etah

Trevino - Mosaic

Josh Wink - Buoyantly Grounded

2016-11-14 (19:32) (CET)
dont maurizio schmitz play the same stuff he does

2016-11-14 (19:41) (CET)
no.. maurizio was playing harder though his set was very good.

2016-11-15 (17:07) (CET)
Hi Cocooners,fev tracks from Watergate Sven plays :-)

Agoria - Helice

Kink - Valentines Grove

Outlander - The Vamp

Kaliber Feat. Elodie - Is This For Love

Mike Dehnert - How Close To Be

Omar S - Heard Chew Single (feat John Fm)

Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier - Vaporized

&ME - Cape Coast

Dinky - Casa (Axel Boman Dub Mix)

Tim Green - Only Time Remains

Yotam Avni - Tikkun

Human Machine - The Mule

Paul Woolford - Erotic Discourse (Dense & Pika Remix)

Patrice Bäumel - Reich: Drumming (Drumming)

Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit_ (10 Year Anniversary Mix)

Adam Port - Sonnenfinsternis

Redshape - Tel Aviv

Jack Master - Bang The Box (Slam Remix)

Head High - Rave (Dirt Mix)

Pig&Dan - The Saint (Job San)

Floorplan - Spin

Emmanuel - Entroterra

Kevin de Vries - Eternity

Baikal - Pelican's Flight

Josh Wink - Buoyantly Grounded

Simian Mobile Disco - Remember In Reverse (Dj Hyperactive Remix)

2016-11-15 (18:17) (CET)
rossi,Rico Puestel-ASTRAYED??

2016-11-15 (18:57) (CET)
2016-11-15 (21:23) (CET)
rossi does it sound like this Rico Puestel

2016-11-15 (23:03) (CET)
Hi James

regarding Rico I`m not sure, but I think it could Astrayed (Fielding 1 Mix)... I dont wnt to give false info here, so If I will have it confirmed I will let yo know.

Dear Alexi, honestly the older tracks that You put between my list I do not recognize he played last night...

2016-11-17 (16:09) (CET)
thanks a lot guys for the efforts, really appreciate it. cheers

2016-11-19 (00:56) (CET)
rossi,I do not care you admit it or not but when I was there that night in watergate

2016-11-23 (20:32) (CET)
whats the 2nd track after trap10

2016-11-24 (00:13) (CET)
now calm down and solve this youtube.com/watch?v=liP0vdNsMiw&t=781s

2016-11-24 (00:14) (CET)
james the track I'm looking for is on your video as well @ 2min

2016-11-26 (00:35) (CET)
2 tracks mr vath played @ Kappa futur festival

Charles Ramirez - Are You Allright (Ki Creighton & Makanan Remix)

danny daze - ready2go

2016-11-26 (07:48) (CET)
My bad, I wanted to say 2min 30sec from your video. Probably unreleased?

2016-11-30 (11:55) (CET)
@james4573 @Ovum since ade it seems to have appeared in almost every set by mr väth like here: youtube.com/watch?v=i_g00vSKFcI&t=1023s ..... might it be "Rico Puestel neyst ??? can not id this track" mentioned by @ROSSI from watergate??

also anyone any id(ea) on this one: youtube.com/watch?v=liP0vdNsMiw&t=350s ??

james4573 aka patric
2016-12-01 (00:28) (CET)
my names patric as well patric nice to meet you

2016-12-01 (11:29) (CET)
@james4573 well hello patric, ditto. so it's patric² on solving the track puzzle now.

2016-12-02 (08:27) (CET)
i've been trying to solve it ever since it got posted

2016-12-02 (09:04) (CET)
as it doesn't seem to be released anywhere, we can currently only rely on someone who took a look on the turntables unless it's a complete white label ..... but something has to come up on this one in the near future " officially ".....

2016-12-02 (14:40) (CET)
i know mr vath advertised an unreleased cocoon ep on his last feature with ilario alicante on facebook. but he never said who it was

2016-12-02 (14:44) (CET)
heres the track i was talking about facebook.com/COCOON.OFFICIAL/videos/101544…

2016-12-03 (20:27) (CET)
Last night he played it again here. Maurizio saw it, but he doesn't know it either. Prob unreleased.

2016-12-03 (22:03) (CET)
2016-12-04 (09:03) (CET)
@Ovum which one? the one from 2min 30sec? any more clues?

@james4573 absolutely no clue on the one from the Cocoon video.....

2016-12-04 (12:52) (CET)
2016-12-04 (16:32) (CET)
@patric yes. It was a record very close to this picture. decks.de/decks-sess/workfloor/details/deta…

Anyway, Maurizio went to see it, but Sven was a bit cheecky and got it back in case fast :D

2016-12-04 (17:45) (CET)
@Ovum well that record from the picture must be the new fides from z.i.p.p.o which just got released. but there's no track on that quite similar to the great unknown. video proof from first festival just popped up by the way: youtube.com/watch?v=kgtvWPDmzYI&t=750s good times.

that's some hot classified sh** going on there. ;-) scanning the current news on the techno market, especially keeping my eye on Cocoon Rec. for this one.....

2016-12-04 (17:54) (CET)
I was next to him when he played it, and that's all I could see. The picture was pretty much the same. I'm not saying it's z.i.p.p.o :)

2016-12-04 (18:25) (CET)
@ Patric - i found the track on that video. its just bad quality but shazam picked it right up

robert tamascelli - dead smoke

2016-12-04 (18:29) (CET)
whats the first track

2016-12-04 (18:31) (CET)
2016-12-04 (19:01) (CET)
@Ovum all fine. just thought to add the info on that record - never thought you'd think that "this" is "that". hope you had a fine time there!

@james4573 thx for the try. I pick ears before algorithm and that one is so not this tamascelli guy. this dead smoke release was digital only by the way which makes it almost impossible to be in a Väth set besides the style. currently no answer on the ids from sofia.....

2016-12-04 (20:22) (CET)
I have his set recorded, I will give a rip for the track soon

2016-12-04 (21:31) (CET)
i like the people that go in there secretly record their sets and upload them.

2016-12-04 (23:16) (CET)
Never said I will :)

2016-12-05 (08:53) (CET)
2016-12-05 (15:12) (CET)
whats the id after pig & dan

2016-12-05 (20:45) (CET)
Ok, fresh info. Maurizio said it will be released on Cocoon. youtube.com/watch?v=liP0vdNsMiw 11:30 from the set

2016-12-06 (02:27) (CET)
several tracks from Metropolis 2016

Acid Pauli - Gwar Is Not The Answer

Secret Cinema & Egbert – Maximaal

2016-12-06 (04:12) (CET)
what about the facebook liverpool ad video on cocoon

2016-12-06 (15:33) (CET)
rossi says it could possibly be

ilario alicante - hypno (mark broom remix)

2016-12-06 (16:31) (CET)
@Ovum hell yeah! thx for these insider infos!

2016-12-06 (21:21) (CET)
@James - EICapitanodog its not me ;) I have diffrent YT account.

2016-12-06 (22:34) (CET)
who is elcapitanodog then.

2016-12-07 (18:55) (CET)
youtube.com/watch?v=liP0vdNsMiw now we have to find 5:06min :D

2016-12-07 (21:14) (CET)
youtube.com/watch?v=liP0vdNsMiw&t=306s have to, want to, need to ..... but absolutely no clues right now. and only heard it in this one video ever since then. this mark broom hypno remix id is still flying around that is probably more connected to facebook.com/COCOON.OFFICIAL/videos/101544… ..... has anyone ever heard 5:06/11:30min from the ade video from alicante?

2016-12-08 (13:25) (CET)
youtube.com/watch?v=1afRAc-7FME ohh cocoon, please drop this soooon.....

2016-12-08 (16:19) (CET)
@patric probably in January :)

2016-12-08 (17:13) (CET)
@Ovum rumour?

2016-12-08 (21:25) (CET)
imgur.com/a/c8C3N :D @patric usually 1 month after wordandsound post a new release

2016-12-09 (09:03) (CET)
@Ovum I know but nothing posted by their distributor by now. let's face it: nothing beats the excitement of waiting - patience required. ;-) by the way I just do not "hear" & feel Alicante in this eagerly awaited tune.....

2016-12-09 (13:19) (CET)
ilario alicante - virgo storm. out in january

2016-12-09 (23:50) (CET)
@patrick it should be the Mark Broom remix I guess. why are you so cocky about it? :)

2016-12-11 (04:37) (CET)
wait a minute. mark broom has a new remix on cocoon soon????. how do you know that. is the mark broom remix from suara

2016-12-11 (08:20) (CET)
@Ovum not intended to be. just investigating and having the theory that we can be very happy when virgo storm comes out but will be none the wiser then, still searching the track ids from above..... but whatever speculation: we will definitely see soon.....

2016-12-11 (11:08) (CET)
2016-12-11 (11:10) (CET)
2016-12-11 (13:41) (CET)
2016-12-11 (19:20) (CET)

and the searching/waiting goes on.....

2016-12-12 (13:31) (CET)
@patric I already have those tracks. Cocoon sent them as previews 2 weeks ago. Still no Mark Broom remix tho. Still waiting.. :)

2016-12-12 (14:03) (CET)
@Ovum in which site cocoon release those previews?

2016-12-12 (14:10) (CET)
@ricky they were sent to me privately.

2016-12-12 (16:19) (CET)
@Ovum but the mark broom remix preview is online. or am I getting something wrong here? you mean you have the alicante release preview? or the 2 still open ids from the ade Videos?

2016-12-12 (18:09) (CET)
whats the 2nd id after steve bug. i heard this before karotte played it

2016-12-12 (19:04) (CET)
Trevino - Mosaic

2016-12-12 (21:27) (CET)
@patric they sent me Virgo Storm and Hypno (original mix) as you can see the pic above. I don't find the Mark Broom remix online anywhere. And I believe that this is the track from 11:30min. Like I said we're still waiting. The only thing that is certain is that Maurizo said it will be released on Cooon.

2016-12-13 (00:54) (CET)
Second track is Eddie Fowlkes - Imva from youtube.com/watch?v=i_g00vSKFcI

2016-12-13 (07:18) (CET)
@Ovum thx for clearing that up.

2016-12-13 (15:42) (CET)
@patric well...damn. I was rly hoping to be it. So, what now? :)

2016-12-13 (16:04) (CET)
i knew is what ilario alicante. i was right all along. now you can give me a cigar

2016-12-13 (17:45) (CET)
@Ovum as you said "Maurizio said it will be released on Cocoon". won't be irrelevant just because it is not the mark broom remix. so more waiting..... the one really useful thing we got here is the previous watergate playlist from ROSSI with an still open id or you will get any previews beforehand.....

2016-12-14 (08:40) (CET)
2016-12-14 (09:39) (CET)
@Ovum p.s. key question now: what will be cor12144?

2016-12-14 (16:08) (CET)
does anybody know about brooklynphono matrix number 14

2016-12-14 (18:38) (CET)
@patric next year :)

2016-12-14 (19:19) (CET)
@Ovum that's the "when". and this is a given for sure. the big unknown almost forgotten in digital times perfectly lives on with mr väths exclusive vinyl selections and that's kind of nice.....

2016-12-15 (19:24) (CET)
All I can do for you right now is this. youtu.be/sfHul_1_r_s

2016-12-15 (20:03) (CET)
ohhh Ovum..... that is delicious honey for my heart & ears! and so classical bootleg attitude. thx!

2016-12-15 (20:40) (CET)
Np, all enjoy at least this :)

2016-12-18 (18:01) (CET)
2016-12-19 (08:21) (CET)
2016-12-19 (08:45) (CET)
2016-12-20 (01:02) (CET)
Thomas Hessler - Rise

2016-12-20 (11:05) (CET)

the track from your video is &Me - Cape Coast (KM034)

2016-12-20 (17:58) (CET)
no that is not &me - cape coast. this sounds completly different. listen to it again.

2016-12-24 (01:27) (CET)
Hard times finding ID's. Happy holidays all :)

2016-12-24 (11:14) (CET)
@Ovum word. but the finding will go on..... season's greetings!

2016-12-28 (20:36) (CET)
Here's a different question. Does any1 have the lyrics of Pantha Du Prince - Dream yourself awake?

2017-01-04 (13:40) (CET)
a happy new year for you all!

i've been following some possible clues and artists especially based on @ROSSI's watergate findings from antun.

on nye this short video kind of puzzle popped up: m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=101547…

listen closely and look even more closely ..... what are you making out of this?

2017-01-04 (13:43) (CET)
PS: it is autumn not antun & sry @Ovum no bulletproof lyrics of dream yourself awake around.....

2017-01-05 (13:52) (CET)
@ Patric its a new cocoon release. i kept pausing it. also. whats this track here

2017-01-05 (14:01) (CET)
nico dacido & robin hirte - com gu taime

2017-01-05 (15:38) (CET)
@james4573 that's what i think too. should at least clear one open track id soon.....

2017-01-05 (21:35) (CET)
its not what you think. it is a new release. or else it wouldn't show the 3 dots

2017-01-06 (06:14) (CET)
@james4573 that's what I think and meant: a new release, the catalogue # shows, the 4 dots, of course.

besides, that release might possibly clears up id/s from sven väths latest sets that are still unknown along the way.....

2017-01-18 (22:02) (CET)
see i told ya it was a new release. i tell everybody this but no nobody ever believes me. you should trust your instincts better

2017-01-19 (07:00) (CET)
@james4573 calm your blood pressure down. ;) no one really doubted you but there were no real facts around but it grew. actually @Ovum came around with some vital information about this being released on cocoon whatever it was. thx @Ovum! also for the live cut!! 2 and a half months ago i asked if it could be "Rico Puestel neyst" from @ROSSIs watergate findings here. that's what i call instincts or let's say lucky assuming. thx to @ROSSI for sharing his information! but most important, for the love of music, now we can all be very happy that this awesome release is happening, clearing 2 open track ids (also the one from ade 2016 joseph capriati invite) at the same time..... :) :) :) :)

2017-01-19 (14:57) (CET)

...and the circle is full now. When Sven played it it was demo press without cocoon rec signatures so I was not sure if I got track name right. I`ll tell You this Brooklyn demo press was also a mother fuc.... Oh well If I find time I will dig to find id from this Tini SG set, I like it very much and I must have it. In the mean time I give You The Persuader - Over Stigen from my good friend id.