2011-10-11 - VA - Excentric Muzik Session 009

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For this month's Excentric Muzik Session, Fergie presents four world-exclusive guest mixes showcasing the sounds of the DJs and producers that have been rocking his world on a regular basis; RESET ROBOT, ARJUN VAGALE, MATADOR and MR HENRY VON. Look out for Arjun's tracks "Drohnen" and "Tin Kan" which are both out now on the Excentric Muzik label and as always don't forget to hit up Ferg on his Facebook or Twitter and let him know what you thought of the show...


Reset Robot
  1. Reset Robot - Snippa [Sci+Tec]
  2. Reset Robot - Tresoli [Roomba]
  3. Reset Robot - Jomo [Truesoul]
  4. Ramon Tapia & Secret Cinema - Pass The Dutchie (Reset Robot Remix) [Mistakes]
  5. Reset Robot - Go Back [Truesoul]
  6. Reset Robot - Bangdrum [Sci+Tec]
Arjun Vagale
  1. Arjun Vagale - Almost Home [Excentric Muzik]
  2. The Junkies - Baby Please [Monique Musique]
  3. Anil Chawla - Silver Digger [Saved]
  4. Intu:tive - Perfect Chaos (Arjun Vagale Remix) [Inkpot]
  5. Sam Ball - Litmus [Form]
  6. Massimo Girardi - Alyssia [Rawthentic]
  7. Arjun Vagale - Drohnen [Excentric Muzik]
  1. Matador - Unknown [Unreleased]
  2. Matador - Unknown [Unreleased]
  3. Matador - Unknown [Unreleased]
  4. Matador - Unknown [Unreleased]
  5. A. Balter - Art Off 2011 (Matador Remix) [Digital Structures]
  6. Bryan Zentz - D-Clash (Matador Remix) [Plus 8]
Mr Henry Von
  1. Arjun Vagale - Tin Kan [Excentric Muzik]
  2. The Units - One Man (Chris Carrier Dub Rework) [Opilec]
  3. Mr. Henry Von - BCN (Unreleased Version) [Tribal Rage]
  4. Todd Terje - Ragysh [Running Back]
  5. SIS - Tamala [Cocolino]
  6. The Rolling Stones vs Mr. Henry Von - Sympathy For The Devil [Unreleased]

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