2011-09-17 - Rico Casazza @ Cafe 1001, Brick Lane Music Festival, London

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15:29, 12 December 2011 (CET)
08' - Ben Sims - Riots In London

22' - Birdland - Shake

24' - ATFC - I Called U (The Conversation)

28' - Makossa & Megablast Feat. Cleydys Villalon - Soy Como Soy

33' - Ben Sims - Back To The Pod

43' - Dennis Ferrer - Son Of Raw

50' - Submission - Women Beat Their Men (Cevin's Peak Hour Dub)

56' - DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto - Canoa

94' - Lil' Louis - French Kiss

110' - Code 718 - Equinox (Henrik Schwarz Remix - Dixon Edit)

113' - Designer Music - Stevie Knows

125' - Ben Sims ft Blake Baxter - I Wanna Go Back

134' - Ben Sims - Back To The Pod

148' - Digitaline - Africa

158' - Agoria ft Carl Craig - Speechless

180' - Aqua bassino - odyssey's return

198' - Manoo - Kodjo

210' - Greg Gow - The Bridge

225' - DVS1 - Polyphonic Love

231' - Aaron-Carl - Simply (Instrumental)

... to be continued!

15:47, 12 December 2011 (CET)
What a boring DJ "legend". The same records over & over. So much NOT innovative...

14:15, 13 December 2011 (CET)
163 - djinxx technomorphosis (restructured recordings)

14:26, 13 December 2011 (CET)
36 tomie nevada - memory lane?

40 Anthony Shakir - The Floorfiller (Skudges Floor Killer Version)

145 Kuniyuki - Dear African Sky (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

163 djinxx technomorphosis (restructured recordings)

170 agoria - panta rei

174 Jean-Luc Ponty - Computer Incantations For World Peace (takasi nakajima unreleased edit)

09:23, 15 December 2011 (CET)
30 mins = Kiko Navarro - Siempre (Jimpster Mix)

09:28, 15 December 2011 (CET)
190 mins = Martin Buttrich - Full Clip

09:47, 15 December 2011 (CET)
35 mins - Marco Carola - 7th Question (Track 4)

22:06, 16 December 2011 (CET)
183 mins = Kevin Saunderson (Feat. Inner City) - Future (Kenny Larkin Tension Mix)

20:11, 19 December 2011 (CET)
15 mins = Chez Damier - KMS 049 (side A)

16:39, 13 January 2012 (CET)
178 chaser,aqua bassino - odyssey's return

13:50, 21 January 2012 (CET)
28" Makossa & Megablast Feat. Cleydys Villalon - Soy Como Soy

14:24, 21 January 2012 (CET)
73"21 Designer Music - Stevie Knows

14:27, 21 January 2012 (CET)
Sorry it's

113" Designer Music - Stevie Knows

14:44, 21 January 2012 (CET)
180" aqua bassino - odyssey's return

15:02, 21 January 2012 (CET)
Why don't you just edit mix pages directly? :(

14:46, 23 January 2012 (CET)
207 alex q - jule

06:27, 27 January 2012 (CET)
this was disappointing ;/

the good tracks are the ones he plays for years now, the rest was... boring and pretty much soulless.

where's the mayday from 2009 (bbc 6mix)? finally lost his interest in crate digging? ;/

mark w
10:27, 11 February 2012 (CET)
great mix here, loads of new(ish) music to get excited about, love that maarten mittendorff track, shame its so hard to get, shakes a killer, the new ben sims stuff is great plus loads of other stuff.

yeah there is a lot of his signature tunes in there, but i dont think i'll ever get bored of submission, chez damier, jark prongo, lil louis etc.

there is no doubt this is a different mayday to the one i first heard over 20 years ago but time are vastly different now and for me there is only so much obscure underground music i can put up with especially on the dancefloor on a saturday night!!

12:56, 11 February 2012 (CET)
Techno would not be what it is without this Godfather...

mark w
14:02, 11 February 2012 (CET)
yeah for sure Yan.b

07:51, 2 March 2012 (CET)
derrick may is a legend & for you so called dj who dont like this set have got no idea about good music so get over it

00:29, 29 May 2012 (CEST)
Sh102 come on brother, you don't know where you talkin about. Fine if you don't dig all the records derrick plays, im on you with that one for a few.. But if you listen good to his sets, there are still many vinyl only tracks from new producers. So please cut the crap that he doesn't dig any more, and show some respect to one of the hardest working fighters for the quality of electronic music out there..amen!

11:47, 5 August 2012 (CEST)
im not a brother of anyone here, call me a grandpa if you dont know better.

techno? techno has got to where it is because of roland ,korg and couple other corporations, productionwise none of detroit producers has invented or innovated a damned thing, fact.

dj-wise he had some brilliant moments, this is not one of them.

any random larry heard mix puts this "glowstick rave" selection to shame.

10:17, 9 August 2012 (CEST)
Well grumpy grandpa, did I say techno? Let not as old fools dispute about taste of music, but what is your point here? Fact is that derrick still reaches many new generations with his dj sets, had a great influece on techno and meant a lot for electronic music in general. A little bit more respect should be in place, cause who are you to say so?

15:52, 11 August 2012 (CEST)
Only Juan Atkins mixes worse. Both were influental in the past sure (Atkins only as producer tho), but there is no excuse for repeated trainwrecking (Atkins) and playing the same records for years (both).

02:41, 12 August 2012 (CEST)
@ MBD give me a break. What kind of superstar DJ are you to say that Juan mixes worse than derrick, you are Larry Levan or Ron Hardy? Who are you to argue?

Offcourse there is a difference between a DJ and a producer, I'm on you with that, Juan is a better producer than DJ sure. But what is good? The point is: good music = good music. Many people (Young Kids) don't know now a days about the great records from the past, cause every single 'DJ' these days plays bullshit promo's that have no timeless attitude at all.. Yes, Juan plays Giorgio Moroder tracks over and over again and some times mixes worse..So What? The greatest nights in electronic dance music where probably with Dj's that couldn't mixes 100 % perfect: Ron Hardy @ Music Box, Larry Levan @ Paradise Garage and Theo Parrish @ Everywhere. And guess what, they always played the same records in the time they played. It was great, cause it's about the music and not about the money/digital bullshit now a days.

These first wave Detroit guys where pioneers, and do and did what they do from out a deeper passion for music. For me they changed the world, and time will tell if they will get the respect for that. Offcourse they struggle cause it's an hard thing to believe in, detroit techno, but for now let's just support them and respect them. And stop the hating.

21:06, 14 August 2012 (CEST)
Nothing to do with hate or disrespect for their past work.

If you can't mix, don't mix or learn it. If you don't buy new records, stop playing gigs and charging thousands of dollars per hour. But money rules the world...

03:17, 26 August 2012 (CEST)
i was present during the evening and, i can tell you, it was great. you know, relistening a set online does not capture the whole essence of such a night: the place, the people, what you see, who you see, what you say and to whom you say it. what you smell, what you think and what you feel. night was amazing, and will certainly will be cherished by the ones who were there.


00:13, 10 October 2012 (CEST)
@ Thechoice : AMEN!!!

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