2011-08-10 - Gorge - Plastic City Radio Show (Special)

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~1 hour long.
Different file versions may exist.




  1. Gorge - Erotic Soul Feat. the Writers Poet [8bit]
  2. Aki Bergen - Rescue Me [Plastic City]
  3. Cosmic Cowboys and Echonomist - Ulysse S Journey [Plastic City]
  4. Solan - Honey [Plastic City]
  5. The Timewriter - Creatures of the Night [Plastic City]
  6. Nico Lahs - In Love [Plastic City]
  7. Strict Border - The Gathering [Plastic City]
  8. Bucher and Kessidis - Fremont [Plastic City]
  9. Tojami Sessions - Music - Plastic City]
  10. Bas Amro - No Face [Plastic City]
  11. Terry Lee Brown Junior - Smugglers [Plastic City]

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