2011-02-14 - Munga - House Of Disco Guestmix

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  1. Alkalino & Blacklodge - Breaking Bad (JKriv & Lou Teti Remix)
  2. Toomy Disco - Since I Fell For You
  3. Munga - On Fire (The Build, Break, Synth, Drop & Out Mix) [Franky & Jamo]
  4. Mobroder - Rush (Nile Delta Remix)
  5. Handle It -Wine & Cheese
  6. Drop Out Orchestra - Baby Come Home (Sit On My Ritz)
  7. Munga - Makin Me Hot (Munga Smokey Girl Remix) [Busta Jones]
  8. Toomy Disco - Age Of The Jaguar
  9. Joey Negro Present Kola Kube - Why (Hot Toddy Boogiefied Mix)
  10. Gazeebo - Gushing Climax (Lou Teti's Discoey Filth Remix)
  11. Melba Moore - Mind Up Tonight
  12. Ron Basejam - Love Don't Wait (Ron Basejam Re-Edit) [Vee Allen]

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