2010-12-30 - Terrence Parker - New Year's Eve Praise Party (The Inspirational House Mix Show)

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Spread as episode 108, what seems to be wrong.


  1. Richard Earnshaw Feat. Jocelyn Brown - Worthy
  2. DJ Spen Pres. Assurance - Be Glad In It
  3. Vickie Winans - Waiting On Jesus (Terrence Parker Remix)
  4. Dance4Daddy Feat. Jacy Mai - It's A New Day (MoscoMusic Classic Mix)
  5. Ann Nesby - Praising His Name
  6. DJ Romain & Darryl D Bonneau - It's The Spirit (83 West Mix)
  7. Souldynamic Feat. Susu Bobien - 99 & 1 Half (Dolls Combers Organ Mix)
  8. Terrence Parker - Nothing Can Separate Me From The Love Of GOD
  9. N/A - I'm Gonna Be Somebody
  10. Terrence Parker Feat. Coco Street - Let God Arise
  11. Donna Allen - He Is The Joy (Rocco Underground Mix)
  12. Reel People Feat. Tony Momrelle - Love Is Where You Are (Reel People Club Mix)
  13. Soul Central - Song For Sharma (Grant Nelson Mix)
  14. Kim Stratton - Favor Aint Fair

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