2010-11-17 - Gilles Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Finn Peters - Gilles Peterson Worldwide

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Music legend Herbie Hancock joines Gilles Peterson for a few words and some music. He chatted about technology, buddhism and some of the good fortune he's had in his life.

Plus Finn Peters swung by the studio to tell us about his great new project Music Of The Mind. Finn explained what it's all about and we played some tracks from the album.


Gilles Peterson
  1. Sepalcure - Fleur [Hotflush]
  2. King Midas Sound - U [Tectonic]
  3. Arthurs Landing - Love Dancing [Strut]
  4. Floating Points - Marylyn [Eglo]
  5. Robert Mitchell's Panacea - The Cusp [Edition]
  6. The Jazz Invaders - Make It Work [Social Beats]
  7. Coultrain As Seymour Liberty - Jubliation [White]
  8. Danuel Tate - Ok Then [White]
  9. Sol - Bird Of Beauty [GCP]
Words And Music From Herbie Hancock
  1. Herbie Hancock - Speak Like A Child [Blue Note]
  2. Herbie Hancock - Succotash [Blue Note]
  3. Herbie Hancock - Just Around The Corner [Cbs]
  4. Herbie Hancock - Tamatant Tilay / Exodus
  5. Ebo Taylor - Love And Death [Essiebons]
  6. Plern Promdan - Ding Ding Ding [Soundway]
  7. King Midas Sound - U (Scientist Dub) [Tectonic]
  8. Jay Electronica Feat. John F Kennedy - The Announcement [Roc Nation]
Finn Peters Live In The Studio
  1. Finn Peters - Agitation [Mantilla]
  2. Finn Peters - Yellowpurp [Mantilla]
  3. Finn Peters - Sleep Music 2 [Mantilla]
Gilles Peterson
  1. Saltwater Samurai - The Battle Of Deptford [White]
  2. Breton - Counter Balance [Hemlock]
  3. Atkist - Fill Your Coffee [White]
  4. Kan Sano - Elements Of Notice [Listen Up / Art Union]

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