2010-10-13 - Gilles Peterson, Kon & Amir - Gilles Peterson Worldwide

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Gilles Peterson is joined live in the studio by New York crate digging, music loving, expert producers Kon & Amir.

They shared some brilliant re-edits of theirs and some rare 45s. We got to know the pair and they spoke about their next level of producing re-edits.


Gilles Peterson
  1. Cut Chemist - Adidas To Addis [A Stable Sound]
  2. Pete Drake - Oriental Twist [Jazzman]
  3. King James Version - He's Forever [White]
  4. James Blake - Limit To Your Love [Atlas]
  5. James Blake - Klavierwerke [R&S]
  6. Darkstar - Dear Heartbeat [Hyperdub]
  7. Baths - Lovely Bloodflow [Anticon]
  8. John Legend - Hang On In There [Good]
  9. Chris Turner - Liquid Love [White]
  10. The Beast & Nnenna Freelon - Freedom Vol 2 [White]
  11. Gary Bartz - Song Of Love And Kindness [White]
  12. The 2 Bears - Church [Southern Fried]
  13. Doc Daneeka - Hold On [Ramp]
  14. Fantastic Mr. Fox - Over [White]
  15. XxXy - Flew [Fortified Audio]
  16. Darkstar - Deadness [Hyperdub]
  17. Au Pairs - Headache For Michelle [Human]
Kon & Amir In The Studio
  1. Leon Ware - Why I Came To California (Kon Remix)
  2. Loose Joints - All Over Your Face (Kon Remix)
Amir's 4 Track Mix
  1. Aged In Harmony - You're A Melody [Mor Tone]
  2. Straight Jacket - The Greatest Part Of Loving You [Showboat]
  3. The 9th Creation - Much To Much [Hilltak]
  4. Lady Margaret & Perry Smith - Out In Space [Gemini]
Gilles Peterson
  1. Cerrone - Hooked On You (Kon Remix)
  2. Quantic Y Conjunto Los Miticos Del Ritmos - Entra A Un Mundo [White]
  3. Eskmo - Siblings [Ninja Tune]

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