2010-07-25 - Chris Delahouse - Soulful & Deephouse (Promo Mix)

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dur MB kbps


  1. Kay Suzuki (It's Only Just A Garden)
  2. Glenn Underground Feat Cei Bei (I Told You So)
  3. Andy Ward Pres. Rainy Payne (Unspoken)
  4. Jazzloungerz Feat. Natasha Watts - Hold On
  5. Tribute To Michael Jackson & Voices Of 6thave. - man In The Mirror
  6. Madame X Aka Anane - You're So Sweet (Louie Vega Remix)
  7. Melchyor A (Real House To Real People)
  8. Disco Dreams 5 & DJ Spen - Yyou Are An Awesome God
  9. Roberto De Carlo Feat Colin Corvez - You Are The One For Me
  10. D-13ch (reminiscing)
  11. Back To Fundamentals Pres. DJ Fudge - my Definition Of House

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