2010-04-08 - Chris Lattner - Ibiza Voice Podcast

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  1. Kai Alce - Power Thru 3 Feat.Azulu Phantom (Mush Remix) [NRK]
  2. Ben Micklewright - Garage Is Back (Geddes Remix) [Fear Of Flying]
  3. Enzo Siragusa - Rontondo
  4. Chris Lattner - Golden Palace (Groove Edit) [Baalsaal]
  5. Zumo - Strictly Rhythm (Chris Lattner Remix) [Flumo]
  6. Azuni - Believe [Drumpoet Community]
  7. Lewis Boardman - Mist (Chris Lattner Remix) [NRK]
  8. Makam - Hide You [Soweso]
  9. Micha Klang - Cheek On Cheek (Chris Lattner Remix) [Off]
  10. David Labeij - Nekst [Remote Area]
  11. The Timewriter - Back In School [Plastic City]
  12. Moby - Go (Chris Lattner Edit)

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11:55, 9 April 2010 (CEST)
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