200X - Adam Beyer & Gayle San @ The Schranz Experience

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This mix floated around on filesharing services in the early 2000s with the original filename "RRRotor-Mix (01-2001) - The Schranz-Experience.mp3". The ID3v1 'Artist' field contains the names "A.Beyer, C.Liebing, G.San etc.", that's why the mix is usually attributed to one or more of these artists, especially on YouTube.

As the ID3 'Comment' section contains a Hotmail address, it's likely a home recorded promo mix.


[00] Thomas Krome - Shockabuku Volume 1 (A) [Corb - CORB 1209]


[18] Adam Beyer - Compressed (A1) [Drumcode - DC02]


[40] Adam Beyer & Marco Carola - Drumcode 16 (B1) [Drumcode - DC16]

[44] Adam Beyer - Tasty Bits (A1) [Drumcode - DC05]


[59] Adam Beyer - Tasty Bits (A1) [Drumcode - DC05]

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2016-12-21 (23:17) (CET)
The tracklist was here... this is a "Rotor Mix" from 2001, I remember a few tracks of this set, such as "Shockabuku" and "Tasty Bits (A1)". Where is the complete tracklist?

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