2009-05-21 - Laurent Garnier (Live PA) @ Springnine, Graz

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2009-05-2X - Springnine, Graz -2.jpg
2009-05-2X - Springnine, Graz.jpg

File details

Version 1
dur MB kbps
0:26:21 25.66 ~136
Version 2
dur MB kbps
1:31:29 99.8 ~153


Laurent Garnier & Band + a short guest appearance of Goldie as an MC
Version 1 was broadcasted on 2009-05-22 on La Boum De Luxe, FM4. It's the last 26 minutes of the show.
Version 2 was broadcasted on 2010-02-12 at FM4, La Boum De Luxe and is the full length recording of the show.


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