2008-08-21 - Gilles Peterson, Mark Murphy - Gilles Peterson Worldwide

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


Hour 1
Jorge Lopez Luis - La Ciudad' (What music)

Choral Readers - 'Creator Has a Master Plan'

Margie Joseph - 'Riding High' (Atlantic)

Smokey Robinson - 'Baby Thats Backatya' (EMI)

Wornell Jones- 'It Must Have Been Love' (Paradise)

Jimmy Mcgriff - 'Space Cadet' (LRC)

James Vincent - 'Space Traveler' (CBS)

Steely Dan - 'Black Cow' (abc)

William de Vaughn - 'Be Thankful For What You've Got' (Hot Productions)

Brass Fever - 'Time is Running Out' (abc)

Pete Dunaway - 'Supermarket (Som Livre)

Tony Rallo - 'Holding On' (Casblanca)

The Love Symphony Orchestra - 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy' (Excalibur)

Baby O - 'In the Forest' (Calibre)

Norman Connors Presents Aquarian Dream - 'Phoneix' (Buddah/Pye Records)

Hour 2
Donald Byrd - 'Wildlife' (Blue Note)

Sharon Redd - 'Beat the Street' (Prelude)

Universal Robot Band - 'Bearly Breaking Even' (Moonglow)

Class Action - 'Weekend' (ampm)

AM-FM - 'You are the One' (Dakar)

Jungle Brothers - 'Beyond This World' (A Capella Version) (Warner Brothers)

Pat Britt - 'Star Song' (Catalyst)

Mark Murphy - 'Red Clay' (Muse)

Mark Murphy - 'Milestone' (Riverside)

Mark Murphy - 'Doodlin' (Riverside)

Mark Murphy - 'Out of This World' (Riverside)

Mark Murphy

Oliver nelson - Stolen Moments (Impulse)

Mark Murphy - 'Dingwalls' (Muse)

Johnny Lytle - 'The Village Caller' (Riverside)

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